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January 28 2003

(SPOILER) AtS S4x10 "Awakening" wildfeed spoilers

Connor: "She's too old for me anyway."

Heh. And Angel gasping for 'buffy'. Though it is barely audible. Watched it this morning before going into work (fastforwarding a lot). It looks like a good epi. I wish Angel/Cordy was a little more believable but the actors don't pull it off. The music struck me this episode, so I'm dying to get back home and watch it properly.
I loved the "Wood. Why'd it have to be wood?" and the Hebrew letters. I half expected to see Angel with a hat and bullwhip.
Oh dear lord, thank you for delivering Angelus! I shall gratefully sacrifice my firstborn for this moment... or maybe a hamster... or just the deli meat in my fridge. Mmm, roast beef... and some homemade rye bread...

Oh, and dear mi'lordy, why is David B. such a great actor as Angelus and so boring, bland and irritating as Angel? He cackles so well.
Maybe this is Mutant Enemy's truly subversive plot. To make us used to series' leads, "champions" who are boring, bland and irritating. Or self absorbed and irritating (Buffy). Unfortunately we didn't get to know Captain Mal well enough to find out whether he was irritating too.

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