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August 11 2005

David Boreanaz on the Cover of Men's Fitness magazine. "TV's fittest vampire is back to take a bite out of crime in Fox's new show Bones."

The website doesn't have the article, but you can check out the very hot cover photo. This is the Sept issue. Not sure if it is on stands yet...

Drool. Just...yum is right, FF!
Yes it's out now on store shelves.
Personally, I like the smaller, compact muscley guys like James Marsters. However, that's one hot photo.
Does anyone believe those are actually David's pecs and abs? They were quite obviously Photoshopped to the point of ridiculousness. I burst out laughing when I saw the cover (to the great annoyance of my sleeping girlfriend). Their photo editor should be publicly chastised for incompetence. David is incredibly hot as he is, and does not require digital enhance to attract attention. However, I am glad to see one of my favorite Jossverse actors on the cover of such a popular magazine.
They have an article on the United States' "best strip clubs" in Men's Fitness magazine? What kind of work-out does a man get at a strip club? Don't answer that . . . As for DB, he looks, well, huge . . .
com4tador. This we will know in the serie Bone.

Other than that. He is...

Guh. Handsome man. Nice to see him gracing the cover and spreading the word about Bones! Here's to many more cover shoots! ;)
I'd noticed the man was looking pretty buff of late. Indeed some recent pics of him have shown those cheek bones even better defined than in this cover photo. I suspect that knee injury on top of his famous love of chicken enchiladas was responsible for him porking up. I'm pleased that he's got back to fitness but without the skinniness of his hungry actor days.

He really needs to keep himself in trim. It's a cruel business and, until he gets over some disastrous career choices and builds a solid career and reputation, he just cannot afford to let it go.

And I do so hope that Bones isn't just a pale imitation of other forensic pathology procedurals.
I don't know about Photoshop, but they've certainly "slimmed" his waist, as is quite common in such covers. And if the rest is accurate, then all I can say is that he's got better boobs than Buffy.
Well, he looks a damn site beter than he did towards the end of Angel. He was a bit of a chubby then.
David looks fabulous, but I could really do without the fake ab-shadows.
Hello, salty goodness.

Looks like he's shed some of his pregnancy weight. He could give me directions to the beach anyday of the week and twice on Sundays.
*lick* *slurp* *drool* *lick*

What? He's pretty. I couldn't help myself.
OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD. Hello, salty goodness indeed. What a beautiful man.
He could play Angel easily in a film, now he's had the time to beef up, be great in the fights as well.
Oh God.. look at those arms, and that tummy and and...
*closes mouth so flies won't fly in*
Ya, it's a cruel business, but

NEENER NEENER NEENER to the vicious folks during Season Five! (re: his appearance)
Yea he looked hot in season 5 too but he had a knee problem. Now he looks even more amazing.

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