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August 12 2005

Another audioblog by Nick. He's Great!!, also speaks of a contest opportunity with a prize involving his new show "Kitchen Confidential"

Also, there's some kind of contest this week. The winner could get Kitchen Confidential stuff.
Does anyone know what panel he was talking about? A con?
This is my first time posting a story. I hope I did ok. I added the info. regarding the contest, before i saw your comment. I apologize for the repetitiveness of that and the edits, chickenbird.

It's a fun listen with Nick. I think it's very kind of him to do that so often.
WheelsOfJoy, you did just fine. Thanks. But, it may bear referring, once again, to what Caroline said about linking - it's always preferable to put some snappy piece of news or insight from Nick (or whoever) into the link title. So, instead of "New Interview With X," we get "X Declares That Scallops, not Shrimp, are Her Fav Seafood." Just for instance . . .
After listening a bit, Dalton Grant's not a bad band. They're actually pretty good, although I think the sound gets a bit repeative after a while which one my think as ironical since my preference in music is trance. But I feel that I'm not gonna go for the prices since on the off chance that I would win I feel that those CD's should in the possesion of someone who actually loves their music and that is not me. They deserve to be played. That's why I'm posting over here, off in saveland.

On another note, Nicholas Brendon blog! Weeee! That's great! Hope this one's more reliable in it's return than some other people's (Jewel, you're listening in? :P). I will definately check out Kitchen Confidential, saw the 60 second preview and it looked great, even though 30 minute comedies really isn't my thing.
SNT, that is scary, since I've just decided that I prefer scallops over shrimp these days. Weird.

Back on topic: Nick's doing a great job with these audio posts.
Thank you, SoddingNancyTribe. I appreciate it and will keep that in mind when linking.

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