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August 12 2005

A couple of new Serenity promo pics. All part of Universal's Fall 2005 Preview. And is this the best River pic ever?

Those new promo photos are great! Yay! Jayne makin' with the wacky faces.

That River photo is absolutely amazing. Just. Wow.
Great photos, especially the Mal and Jayne one with Jayne brandishing a sweet BFG (Doom fans'll know ;-)
Simon, I agree that until a certain other shot of River from the movie is released, for now this is the best River pic ever; this is my attempt to deftly avoid the nasty spoilers that can devestate entire communities (like my gun comment above, those who've already seen Serenity likely have an idea of just what "other" shot I'm referring to).
I love that photo of River too. Stunning. And yes, gorramit, I do know what shot you mean, and I'm dying for a screencap of it.
Simon: yes, it is.

gorramit/electricspacegirl: yes, it will be.
There is a whole rake of new pics that come out recently, ever since the Serenity Movie site got revamped. I think most people have seen them but I really love the River pic. Posters may be interested to know that it was available to buy as a photo for the Summer Glau signings at the Serenity con in London a couple of months back.
It was? They must have sold out by the time I got there! I have a really gorgeous black and white photo of her though so I'm happy.
Seeing River look so graceful while pointing at something looks
She looks like royalty.
Wow, that is one great pic of River, yes. She kinda reminds me of Drusilla in it though, or is that just me?
gorramit - ah, yes that River shot will be spectacular! Mind you the one linked above made me think of Morticia Addams before anything else! But maybe that just shows my age more than anything!
Yeah, I want that screen cap, too...!
Anyone who's seen the BDM remembers that last shot of River in the film. I'd like that one, please. :)
Yes, great River pic, way at the top of my list now.
Yeah, that's a great picture of River. Now, who could she be pointing at? (Don't tell, just guessing.) With that stare, it must be Mal.
I don't see a photo of River pointing at anything?
It's in Simon's post, Gossi, he links the the River shot separately.
Yeah catalyst, I saw that River shot a little while ago and it screamed Morticia Addams at me. ...But there were movies not too long ago...and the Addams Family IS classic...

ok, I'm old.
oh yeah, i saw this last night at They posted the new poster along with it at plus the second trailer. Awesome photos!

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