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August 12 2005

(SPOILER) Serenity - "It's a tale that'll continue". Interesting tidbits via a "source" about the sequels.

"some of their stars are rising far too high"

Any ideas who that might be?
Could mean that Morena has been cast as Wonder Woman. But's thats just a very wild unfounded guess.
I just hope we will get matter who is flying
Assuming Serenity does ok at the box office and sells a fair number of DVDs, I can't see any reason why there shouldn't be sequels. And I'm rapidly coming round to the opinion that Serenity will do better at the box office than I dare hope.
I don't know how factual that article is tho. The advance screenings in Oz have already been announced, and he doesn't seem to know about them. I would be surprised if some of the cast weren't to return.
It's going to be hard for Serenity not to make a profit, mostly because it doesn't have to make "that much".

Films like The Island and Stealth cost $100M (and then some) each, and they both bombed. Serenity on the other hand only cost $40M, so it's hard to imagine it not making a profit (whether at the box office or on DVD).

With that said, anything posted on Movie Hole should be taken with a grain of salt.
I am starting to be hopeful that Serenity is going to make a bigger splash than expected, now that mainstream media like "Premiere" magazine are starting to talk about it. (Serenity got a quarter page writeup in the September movies for September section ...with a picture of Mal, Zoe, Wash and the requisite dinosaurs.) Shiny!
Chewitel Ejiofor was referred to as a "great actor" in today's Washington Post review of "Four Brothers", so purplehazel may be on to something.

On the other hand, this is pure gossip, so I'll take it for what it's worth, i.e., not too much.
All the main cast are signed for two more, however. And Chiwetel is a guest, I doubt he'd be in more than just this movie.
Simon, Morena is the ONLY choice for Wonder Woman. But folks still think I'm crazy. Sure wouldn't be the first time a Whedon actor jumped across his works, would it? Seems like somewhere I read/heard Joss knows his storylines a few years in advance. Which is great, but I for one can't anticipate a thing that's coming next. I know how the movie ends and while there is obviously room to expand the 'verse I couldn't begin to guess what might come next. Making it all the more tasty.
Good for Chiwetel, but why isn't anyone suggesting Alan Tudyk or Adam Baldwin? These two have been incredibly busy and visible of late. Just my guess...
I gotta agree with you Willowy about Alan Tudyk; as time has gone on hes been appearing in more and more films, whearas Baldwin has always been steadily working. Mind you is anything better than the work of Joss?
Well hey, let's not forget about Slither. That's bound to make...dozens and dozens of dollars at the box office...
Sorry, Nathan. Just a little joke at your expense. : P

I don't know who they could be referring to, but I like Simon's idea!
Nergh. I so want to comment on this but really can't. It's kinda truth and half truth in what the article says, but it is kinda retreading grounds we already know in some ways. Not everybody will be returning. As far as I'm aware a sequel isn't in the bag yet, also. I think it's likely it'll happen, but don't count your chickens yet.
Entertainment weekly has an article about SERENITY(fall movie issue) They say that universal will greenlight a sequel if it make 80 million GLOBALLY. Lets make it happen people :)
I thought everyone asked has said they signed on for all three films (if made) from the get-go. As far as who may or may not be returning, guest or regular, I never take anything for granted when Joss is at the helm. I would not be (that) surprised to see anyone and everyone back or anyone and everyone's careers to take off so that it was very difficult for them to come back. Meanwhile I am thinking it is probably AT that they were talking about. Didn't he have scheduling problems with Serenity because of all the other things he was doing?
nakedandarticulate, you got the actual article there with you? I think its ok to do, if its relevant information you could copy it out into Whedonesque and link to the EW homepage just telling everyone they wouldnt find any info there.
I think the article nakedandarticulate, is referring, is from the new issue that's out today, highlighting upcoming new movies being released the next few months. Just checked the website, don't think they had an online article up there yet.
It's gotta be Alan. He is the most well-known of the group (outside of Ron), and could easily be considered for a second or even a lead in a comedy. I just hope that after the movie is released, we'll be able to get the rest back, because all of their stars will be rising.
Yeah, I checked the site as well, and I don't have a scanner ("What's a scanner?"). Hopefully someone will post more. Here is a quote -- "I was a Whedon stalker," laughs Mary Parent, Universal's now-out going vice chairman of production, who dug Whedon's vision and no-surrender passion. She also recognized a potentially marketable Cinderella story. "I thought this band of underdogs could make for a cool movie." :)

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Again, wasn't there already news that ALL of the cast has signed for three films, and it's just a matter of the first one getting it's money back?
nakedandarticulate, I edited your post to add spaces. Please start using them, as we've asked you before.
AnotherFireflyfan - if you go back and read the original quotes from the cast very carefully, you'll tend to see them say "The cast is signed for a 3 picture deal", but the word 'all' is generally missing.
Holy crap, sorry but sometimes I get a litle excited. Plus I'm at work. "Hell if I wanted school,I would've gone to school."

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Well, we've seen the same comments regarding "rising stars" moving on for quite some time. We've also seen the "signed for sequels" comment. I've also seen the movie. As I understand it, just because the actors have signed, it doesn't necessarily mean that they would automatically appear. That would depend on many things. I look at the contract as more of a "right of first employment" kind of thing. In other words, if we do this movie, and you are in the script, you are contractually obligated to be in it. Of course, if enough money or other considerations come into play it all changes.
Ooh-ooh-ooh! Just opened my EW and, yeah, big article! Was mostly very favorable; however, didn't care for the description of why the tv show failed, i.e., just the premise. Would have been nice if it had contained some of the other reasons (aired out of order with intended pilot last, for example). Would have also been nice to see a plug within the article for the Sci Fi run; but, hey, a three-page spread is great! I can get rather greedy, I know, and want it all. This article, at least, should start getting it some heavy attention!
Hi there, spikeangellover. If you don't mind, what was the exact wording of why the tv show failed? Perhaps it was a backhanded compliment - i.e. the premise was too complex/unusual to not fail on U.S. network TV. A three page spread? Excellent!

$80 million? Let's do it, folks! Let's hook our pinkies and swear to spread the word and get some major turnout.
80 million I don't think worldwide will be that hard to accomplish or maybe that's just my wishful thinking. Oh and I have the EW mag laying right in front of me. I guess I can scan it for ya'll. It's a full page right up with a really nice picture of the cast.

(ETA: fancy linkage action).

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Out of the nine, Nathan and Alan make the most sense to me. But we can't have sequels without either one of them--especialy Nathan! It doesn't make sense but maybe Gina wasn't referring to one of the nine. Man, I'm gonna be really dissapointed if all nine aren't back. Maybe one of them will be gone for just the second one and return for the third.

Damn! I am not happy about this. Of course, I'm glad somebody's star is on the rise but still, they're supposed to be rising AND make SERENITY sequels not instead of.

I'll bet it's Alan. That multi-talented-great-comic-timing S.O.B.
Oh look at all the pretty! Thank you Nychick!

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