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August 12 2005

New release date for Serenity in Sweden, and no, it's not an earlier release date, it's been postponed for 3 weeks until November 25th.

And I thought November 4th was bad enough! Come on UIP, give me a Serenity screening.

Now that certainly sucks a tad.
They postponed it in Finland as well, by two weeks. You know, life's hard enough as it is and then they do these things to you :(

Another problem is that no one really knows how big release Serenity will be, not even the theathers. So is it going to be like two copies in the whole Finland or is it going to be wide enough release to be shown in all the major cities / theathers. Doesn't look too good though at the moment as Serenity isn't even mentioned in the upcoming movies sections in finnish theathers. Or then they are just waiting to see how well it does elsewhere first.
I think it's gonna go up fairly big. It's after all an UIP release and I don't think I've ever seen an UIP go small.
Finland too? Now that really sucks beyond telling of it. I definitely have to think about arranging a short October trip to a more Serenity-friendly country.
Well, at least you get to see it finally. No release date at all for Estonia yet.

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