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August 12 2005

(SPOILER) "Serenity: A Look Inside" at movie site (reg. req.) Check out's A/V room for a short on The Browncoat movement that is currently showing in some Regal and AMC theaters as part of The Twenty. Potentially some spoilerish stuff.

That narrator sounds so familiar. I wonder if he is the same guy that did the voice-overs for the UPN promos of Buffy. Sounds like him.

This from the Universal Board's moderator, Serenity_Leader in the comments section for this particular news item:
Serenity_LEADER | Aug 12, 2005 5:25 pm
I know some of you have seen this on MSN, etc. but I also know some people weren't able to watch this through MSNs player so I decided to make it available to all Browncoats in the AV Room - enjoy!

So, this is this! All of us unable to watch this thanks to Microsoft's insistence on upgrading to their latest version of the same old crap (IMHO, of course...) finally get to see it - assuming you dig on Quicktime, that is! I'm an avid Firefox user myself and was unwilling to turn back to IE and WMP to view this - now none of us have to. Shiny!
I'm still confused by SL's repeated statements that this is from The 2wenty. I read an article online which said that AMC theaters will be switching to The 2wenty, but that wasn't going to happen until next year. Also, not a single person I've heard from who has been to theaters which do play The 2wenty has said this thing has been in it.

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wow, that was a great video. It made me weep.
As a Mac user I must thank Serenity_LEADER for this. Very nice.

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