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January 30 2003

Marc Blucas in Mission: Impossible 3?

Blucas is in talks to play Ethan Hunt's (Tom Cruise) younger brother.

Somehow that seems strange to me. Although I adore Marc Blucas and would go see him sweep floors, he's like a foot taller than Cruise and I don't think the small one's ego could handle the comparisons.

On the other hand, stranger things have happened.
At times in the past in Hollywood, if the big name was taller than the other principals they share the screen with, the principals stood on boxes. If the big name was shorter, the other actors would walk around in trenches. Since most camera angles are shot waist up or higher, the audience is none the wiser. I'm assuming this practice continues. So if Blucas shares the screen with Cruise, Blucas will be walking around in trenches. Or maybe walking on his knees. Cruise will probably look about as tall as Blucas if not taller.

Ain't Hollywood magic a wunnerful thang?
LOL---how appropriate that a valued member of 'The Initiative' could be walking in the trenches---- ;)

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