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August 13 2005

The Annual Tater Tops 2005! It comes again this time of year when TV Diva Kristen Veitch, long time supporter of the Whedonverse, fighter for all is good and moral, lets us the TV viewing public vote for our favourite moments in TV 2005. Will your favourite fight be Gina Torres VS Jennifer Garner in 'Alias'? Possibly, but the most important category must be "The Moment that made you want to throw out your TV". You shall see why... (Spoilers for Non Americans). Don't look if you haven't seen the latest Six Feet Under episodes.

Sometimes you just have to love Kristin.
Why did she make me choose between Kristen Bell and Jennifer Garner for "Best Drama Mama"? Does she hate me? I picked KB. If you'd ever heard the way I talk about Jennifer Garner, that would make a big impression.
Oh, please...Gina will smoke Jennifer in an instant.

A little torn deciding between 'Veronica Mars' and 'Battlestar Galactica' as best new show. Finally had to go with BSG. Hey, I've always been a space faring greek!
Went with BSG too, partly because as much as it is 'critically acclaimed,' it seems to be forgotten a lot in lists like these. Think VM's got the most categories locked, though.
I was also torn between VM and BSG but went for VM in the end. I also now regret being quite far behind in watching Six Feet Under as I am now quite badly spoiled. Oh well, my own fault :)
I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess what atleast one of the result will be...
Moment that Made You Want to Throw Out Your TV: No new Joss Whedon productions being televised during 2004-2005
Things are so very predictable.

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I also went with BSG and wished it had been in more categories. I really do like VM but not as much as I love BSG. And yes, DJungelurban, that was my selection for the MTMYWTTOYTV.
Hmmmm not enough nominations for House.
House played second fiddle in the TWoP awards, too, Simon. It got a lot of my votes, but good ol' VM knocked out everything. Even DEADWOOD! :(
Been hearing praises towards 'House', guess I better check it out.
Gah! I was caught by the Six Feet Under spoiler too. You may want to put a spoiler warning on this one.
And a shocking spoiler it is too! Sorry guys, just thought people would realise it was a rundown of the best stuff on American TV this year, but i'll just write a little warning in the title as to prevent anyone else from seeing them who doesnt want to
I already voted in that but it's letting me vote again. That makes me worry.
GAH. I just started watching SFU. That's one hell of a spoiler in that quiz. *glowers*
Yeah, I noticed House wasn't even available for Best New Show! It blew everything out of the water last season, as far as I'm concerned.
Hrm. Not enough noms for Deadwood. Or Rescue Me. Found myself voting for VM a lot.

I really wanted to vote for QAF as "Show you'll miss the most," but it's just been so very very baaaad after season 2 (slight quality increase this last season not withstanding.)

Gotta appreciate Kristen's Whedon-love. She may have an old rep as Wrongda, but you've gotta love all that affection and support she always shown our beloved shows.
I voted for Veronica Mars and Kristen Bell and I voted for Deadwood and the Whedonverse. I've done my part.

I was spoiled for SFU too. I'm right now in the middle of watching season 3. Damn.
Mmmm, I seem to keep voting for VMars in almost every category! Tasty.

Gotta concur on the Six Feet Under spoiler, though. That should NOT be part of the quiz. Bad, naughty quiz. Sadly, TV Guide already spoiled me, but I barely closed the window in time to shield everyone else's unspoiled eyes.
Glad my mind isn't good at retaining info! I have yet to see SFU and it's one of the shows I want to eventually get (along with Deadwood because of Willowy's strong recommendations!). So whatever the spoiler was I didn't even realize it or remember because I'm so unfamiliar with the show!
I'd better put another spoiler warning. Apoligies to all the fans who havent seen the newest SFU yet.
No need to apologize Apocalypse - the spoiler rule is once it's aired in the US it's no longer a spoiler.
i'm with Rogue Slayer and Simon. Where was House?? That show is my favorite show to come on air since anything by Joss stopped.
I haven't seen Veronica Mars yet (has anyone outside the US seen it?), and Deadwood just went straight to DVD here without a TV airing(I think)
House is such an anomaly to me. I love it so much! I let that show get away with shit that I wouldn't even begin to tolerate from another show. Like the Cottages little 'field trips' for one thing...and Cuddy's powerlessness in the face of Gregory House, MD, or anyone else, for that matter. Why is she even there? And no, it isn't because I'm hot for Hugh Laurie. Well, not much, anyway...

There are highs and lows enough in one episode to make you think you live in an elevator (exit...DRINK!)! The writing is so snappy and quick, it practically yells PAY ATTENTION! Everyone's personalities are so well-defined, and everything they do (medically) is feasible and grounded in science. Some of it very new. And, and this is great for me, it is an incredibly emotional show.

It is very formulaic, though unapologetically so (so nyeah to the critics that have bludgeoned THAT horse to death). I hear they are going to deviate from that next season, should be interesting. Yet I find the formula strangely comforting.

Anyway, can't recommend it highly enough. Unless of course it was Deadwood...then I would never shut up about it...heh.
While my favorite show right now (apart from Firefly) is BSG, House is my second favorite. I did not watch it during the regular season -- just could not find time for another program -- but I caught a couple of episodes when I was staying in London, and I fell in love with it. So now I'm trying to catch up. Yes, it is formulaic, and that would be my biggest criticism. But I, too, like the snappy writing, and I adore Hugh Laurie.
One of the local newspapers, The Toronto Sun, spoiled that big Six Feet Under event for me. They printed it the day after the episode aired here (The Movie Network is one day behind HBO when it comes to Six Feet Under), but I hadn't watched my recording yet. It was unavoidable, the spoiler was right there in the header in big bold lettering. Usually they're a bit better about spoilers. I've never seen anything that huge put in the headline of a newspaper article. They got many angry letters and even responded with a full column later in the week.

I was pissed at first, but then considering what kind of show Six Feet Under is, I was almost expecting it this season anyway.

And now that the fifth season is almost over, I can confidently say that Six Feet Under is arguably the best TV series I've ever seen. But then I hate to give any show that title, because I get something different out of each one. 'Cause if I ask myself, is SFU better than Deadwood, Firefly, The Shield, or a few of my other favorites? It's really not. None of them are better than the other. They're just different. I mean Six Feet Under couldn't give me something like "Ariel" or "Objects in Space", it couldn't go some of the places The Shield has gone, and I think the second season of Deadwood has my pick for the most successful season of any HBO series I've seen (I've only missed out on The Wire so far, as well as the last two seasons of Oz). But overall, I'm probably the most fond of Six Feet Under's characters, even if they only barely edge out the crew of Serenity or Buffy's gang. I think that's the closest I've gotten to any characters, it's the closest the creators of any series have enabled a viewer to get.

Unless the last two episodes fail miserably, it'll be great to be able to say that one of my shows ended well. It doesn't happen often enough. They either limp to the finish line (Party of Five, though I haven't considered that a favorite since it started to go bad), have serious issues in the last bit of their lives (most of Season 7 of Buffy, and no I haven't finished beating that dead horse to a bloody pulp, heh), or are cancelled way before their intended conclusion (American Gothic, Freaks & Geeks, Angel, Firefly, Wonderfalls, a whole bunch of other Fox shows, etc).

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Working my way through the poll made me realize just how much TV I'm currently not watching. With the exception of House (which I never saw until, due to a friend's urging, I gave it a shot earlier this summer, and am now playing rerun catchup in preparation for the new season -- Hugh Laurie rocks), there's currently no other shows I make time for, except the occasional Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars reruns.

The prospects for fall are moderately promising, with Bones a potential new highlight, but I'm already dreading the weekly pileups on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights when I'll have to tape one show while watching another.

And I know this poor horse is deader than dead, but damn, I miss Joss on TV...

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