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August 13 2005

Captain Reynolds to the Rescue! A rather tongue in cheek account of Nathan Fillion's now infamous trip to Warp One from PatPawsGraffiti, only this time it's the Cap'n going to save the day instead. Be warned: He will take no prisoners.

Link to Slayerverse, cant seem to acsess the PatPawsWebstie. Cant seem to spell acsess either.

Why thankyou glady, I'll change the link now. Couldnt actually get into the PatPawsGraffiti site when I tried to so linking to Slayerverse was the only option
Also please could you explain what you mean by "stealing slayerverse"
Slayerverse repost news and graphics without authorizations each day since many years. Be careful when you want to post one of their links.
Slayerverse is hardly the most notorious website in that respect.
I would greatly prefer if we didn't talk about other websites in this thread and stick to the topic in hand.
I like it--the tongue-in-cheek account, that is. I'm blissfully free of opinion concerning the website.
In this case, I gave them the link. I just couldn't resist doing the comic, and wanted to share. I'm banking on Nathan's good sense of humor to keep him from sending the cyber police after me, should he come across it. I look terrible in handcuffs. :)

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