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August 13 2005

Where Have I seen them Before? Several Whedonverse sightings from TV Gal this week, including Potential Slayers Felicia Day and Indigo, as well as an ex flame of one of the Angel Crew. At least on that show she wasn't being sacrificed to an ugly decrepit old goddess. Minor Spoilers at the bottom of the page for other shows.

I still think Alyson would do much better in a drama. But, as long as she's happy....
Alyssa Ashley Nichols aka Indigo aka Rona was always my least favorite of the potentials. Something about her just bugged me! Can't say what it was exactly, but her screen time was my least favorite in season 7.
Speaking of Indigo, I recently watched season 7 again (on DVD) and I think Rhona is probably my least favorite Buffyverse character ever. She was so annoying, always backtalking and acting like she was the queen... Dreadful. And I also don't like people who feel the need to use stupid artist names instead of their real names when they aren't even all that (when you're Madonna you can get away with it, but not her).
I didn't think Rhona acted like she was the queen, I thought she was acting realistic. Here is an ordinary girl, thrown into a world of danger, vampires, demons, etc. and she's being told that she suddenly has a destiny to fight against evil and defend herself, though she has no super powers, because if she doesn't she'll be stabbed to death. The only time she ever really annoyed me was during Empty Places.
I agree, Christopher - the character was written to remind the viewer of how horrifyingly out of control the world had suddenly become for these young women. Also, ‘a rose by any other name’, Storyteller.
Um, minor spoilers my ass, that article just ruined six feet under for me. If you haven't been watching the 5th season of SFU don't read the very end of this article. Well that just ruined my day.
Well, in Apocalypse's defense, I'm sure he didn't mean to be all spoilery, much less ruin anyone's day... personally I thought it was ok to show things once they've aired in North America?

Is that true? Or am I remembering it wrong?
From Whedonesques "How to deal with Spoilers section"

We define spoilers as any information about episodes not yet aired on North American television.

So yes Willowy, you are correct!
Thank you for the courtesy in confirming that, bl. You're the greatest! I've been jumping in here in fits and starts around Willow's demands. And you were even one of the spoiled ones! Luv ya, you generous soul, you.

Hope that makes Apocalypse feel less to blame. I'm certain he was only trying to share some news.
I wasn't spoiled because I don't remember anything it said and haven't even seen any episodes yet but I know all about the "once it airs in the US bit" so if I was - too bad!! Plus, I know now not to read those sorts of things if there are shows on that I am watching and don't want to be spoiled for - there's always some sort of tidbit in them!
Wow, way to make sure those who weren't spoiled are certainly spoiled now. Thanks, Steve Holt!
Hmm. I'm a spoiler fan, but that was blatantly uncool.
That's almost as bad as that T-Shirt hell Harry Potter 6 spoiler tshirt. I saw that and thought it was the meanest thing ever. After I laughed a bit, that is. But very uncool. Almost as uncool as Rona in season 7! :)
Yeah, that was really stupid Steve and really uncalled for. People can chose not to read an article if they are worried about getting spoiled and I'm sure there were many who didn't read the article because of how it was worded and you just made sure it didn't matter!
I clearly said in my post that I didn't even notice the spoiler but thank you so much for making sure I'd remember it now.

[ edited by Firefly Flanatic on 2005-08-14 04:27 ]
Yeah, boo. Where are the mods tonight?

Sorry for you, bl! :(
Wow, that was just crappy. I'm a bit behind on SFU, and I avoided the article for that reason. I'm sorry you felt the need to spread your discontent.
SteveHolt!, your comment has been removed. That kind of behaviour is not appreciated here.

Willowy, try as we might, the mods cannot be in every thread all of the time, we'd have to be all blurry with speed and stuff.
I getcha herb. I guess I just get spoiled with ya'll being on top of everything so fast all the time.

Good to see the gold!
Thanks Herb for removing it.
Thanks, herb. The things some people say...
Wow, glad I missed that one!
And me actually! Again, I really do apoligise to all the people who have been spoiled about SFU, I thought since it had already been aired in America, it would be ok. Obviously not. I'll just go and sit in a corner.

P.S. Much thanks to Willowy and Firefly Flanatic for sticking up for me. You guys rule.
Aw, thanks for taking it down. That's on my dvd list. :)

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