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August 13 2005

Lost lawyer Gavin is found in 'The Cave'. Daniel Dae Kim co-stars in the new horror film 'The Cave' hitting theatres in the US on Aug 26.

I like this actor, good on Angel, 24 and Lost
He does pop up everywhere. His brief cameo in The Hulk was about the only highlight of that movie for me.
Love him. He seems to make an appearance on all my fave shows. Now I need to see him on VM and GG and I'm set.
Hehe...It would be cool to see him play a lawyer on GG. Maybe from the city, Kirk hires him to try and get the house from Luke.
Better yet, on GG, why not cast DDK to play a relative of Lane's...? He could play an older cousin who is also the black sheep of her extended family. Someone Lane becomes inspired by or even worships kinda. -mattro
I saw the previews, and I thought I saw him, but I wasn't sure. My family looks at me weird cos I shout "Gavin!" every time the advert comes on.
At Wondercon, when they showed the promo, you could hear a few people (all waiting for the Serenity panel) whispering, "Gavin!" It was pretty much the highlight of the presentation, as the promo gave away precious little besides, "It's really dark and really scary and there's lots of water!" and as a result, few people were interested enough to ask the panellist questions.

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