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January 30 2003

No season 8 according to a source close to Fox Television.

I wonder if it is the same source that told SyFy Portal about the cancellation of Firefly.

Why don't they just start showing telesales 24/7. That'll be a big hit.
I'll believe nothing until I hear it from Whedon and company. This sounds a bit suspicious, though, since I was under the impression that UPN was still quite happy with the show. Willing to bend over backwards to keep it on, possibly even in a spin-off format. Certainly, they'd like *better* ratings, but everything else I've read and heard has indicated that, if the show *does* go off the air, it will be because Gellar doesn't renew her contract or because Joss and the writers decide it's time to call it quits.
It does really look like it's the end for the show. Strangely though, it doesn't really bother me that much. Not that I don't like the direction the story has been taking -- I think Buffy is as good now as it ever was. But it's nice that the show is ending on a high note. I think that Whedon's going to have a monster of a series finale if this indeed turns out to be the last season -- and how many shows get to end like that? Most great shows are just abruptly cancelled. Closure can be a great thing.
Amen, zixyer. And I feel the same way about the show ending. Sort of sad, but oddly content ... it's been a fantastic seven years. Utterly fantastic.
"Please note that none of this has been confirmed by Fox or Paramount, and should be treated as any other rumor would."

Nice that they put that down on the bottom there. Like reading fine print. The jury's still out. All we know is there's talk that this is the last season, and we've known that pretty much since the season premiere. The principals in the situation are not talking. We the fans are as much in the dark as we have been.
I did notice the but there just isn't any life to it left on television quote which is obviously put in there to make people think - hey! maybe there'll be a film now! Personally I'm agreeing with unreality - I'll believe it when we hear it from Joss & Co.

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