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August 14 2005

More Advance Screenings for Australia in Sydney, Canberra and Perth.

August 24th for Perth and Canberra, 31st for Sydney.

It's playing in my all time favorite cinema in Sydney.

Link really provided by Zukerbaby and Cyclone Steve. That sleuth found out about it before UIP even announced! What a BrownCoats they are!

See, no harm, no foul, no backwater towns ;)
Ack - where the f@#$ is the Serenity advance screening on there for Perth - tried movie first, cinema first but no go! Crap!

Double Ack - not on sale until after 5pm tomorrow for Carousel in Perth. Double crap!!

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Quantas has a web special, San Francisco to Sydney for $748 RT. Just saying.
grrrrr can't buy online
Same web special, Perth is only $1098 - you'd get to stay with me for free (well, my price is that you will have to come with me to the advance screening of Serenity - WHEN I CAN GET THE F^%&ING TICKETS!!!!)

OK, calm now - normal service will resume in 3.. 2.. 1
my bad-sydney tickets will be up tomorrow and are only for sale online. The woman on the phone said they've been swamped with calls!

[ edited by ladysorcha on 2005-08-15 07:42 ]
The staff at Sydney have been incredibly helpful with all the "ack can't get tickets" calls and emails that they've been getting. I'm so impressed with them!

Also, thanks to nixygirl for posting this here - I found the link thanks to CycloneSteve at the Serenity Oz board - I'm thinkin' he's a Big Damn Hero for finding it...
I'm thinking you right about that Zuckerbaby!
Catalyst, can you buy them over the phone tomorrow?? Maybe that's the best way. BTW did you get my stupid voicemail? ;)
Of all the days to run out of credit for smsing ppl, I tells ya!
Does anyone know when they go on sale tomorrow for Sydney? I have to work - I don't want to miss out. Feeling a little stressed now.
Woooooooooo! I am SO there at the Canberra screening.
eyeofhorus - I've gotten a vague "tomorrow afternoon" answer from the cinema for the time when the online sales will be up and running.
Aparently they're selling them straight from the box office also. One of the Serenity Oz BC's went into town and brought 10 over the counter.

Edit to Add: UIP have officialy announced it a rather funny message. Gotta say I do love our Oz UIP ppl!
Click Here

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Gorramit! I fly in on the 1st of September. Where's my gorram screening! :)
Gotta say, the excitement of you Oz folk is contagious--I'm getting excited about mowing the grass!
Buying over the counter? I will have trouble getting online (work) or going in in person. Any chance someone could get a ticket for me? Or two? One would do. Still feeling stressed.
Yay! My brother and I have organised tickets to the Perth preview
I can't believe I'm seeing Serenity in less than a week!
*Zombie does the dance of joy*

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