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August 15 2005

Joss did call me about appearing in Angel says Trachtenberg. Michelle settles those 'The Girl In Quesion' rumours in the latest Buffy/Angel magazine. And find out what's her personal Buffy highlight (click on the Buffy magazine link to read interview).

Awww, her answers made me so happy.

I was really scared that her personal Buffy highlight was going to be being able to wear black and heels in the final episode or something shallow like that. Glad to be proven wrong.

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That was kool! And little Dawny is 20 now!! All growed up.
Nice little interview. I just watched "The Body" again yesterday. It's not one I watch that often, I generally skip over it because I can't take it, so it had been a while. God, those performances were amazing! I think MT is a very talented young woman.
That link isn't working for me. Can anyone tell me what the interview says please. :-)
When I first tried it it was not working for me either. There was a link in the message statement that was highlighted in blue, "refresh" I think, that took you to the site. The error message is not showing up now, so I cannot go back and check.

Try it again, with that in mind.
Ah Titan Mags and their weird setup. Anyhow, I've changed the link. So follow that and then click on the Buffy magazine link to read the article.
"The Body" really is one of the strongest episodes of the series. Powerful script, and great acting all around (MT included).

Mmmmm... pain.
I've seen The Body countless times and I still get choked up at two moments. Anya's monologue and Dawn's meltdown viewed through glass.
Yes, it's Anya's monologue that I most identify with. I definitely think that EC and MT have some of the strongest perfomances in the ep (though everyone is incredible). I can't watch it very often though. But MT and SMG at the end of "Forever"--they were both amazing. That scene is frickin' brilliant!
MT certainly can act. It was here "Is this blood" scene that first made me realise how good she was and she had many more great scenes. I hope she does realise what a great chance BtVS gave her, and everyone else, to do everything from near slapstick to pathos and outright tragedy.

And in The Body it's Buffy's "Mom? Mom........? Mommy?" line that always gets me.
Too bad that Buffy ended when it did - it really seemed that Dawn's character and plot was beginning to shine through. Think of all of the possibilities had there been another season, which I still believe could have gone well. Anyway, I really feel sad reading these kinds of interviews because there were plans for SO MANY Buffy characters to be on Angel, and then.......... GAVINIE2JKFGBTMDWS!!!!@ WB :(:(
Yeah....there was gonna be a lot of cool stuff. They wanted to bring Oz back so he could teach Nina how to curb her wolfiness, and I think they also wanted Dana to return as well at some point. Also, they had plans for Willow to come in and somehow split Illyria so they had Illyria and Fred...though I'm not fond of that one bit because they stated that Fred's soul or her self or something no longer's not like Angel's soul where she could have pulled it from the ether.

Still though, so many cool ideas.
Well, I always thought that Fred's soul had to go somewhere. Who better to find it than Willow?
Besides, it was only the people who wanted Illyria to return, such as Knox, that made any mention of what had happened to Fred's soul. Hardly what i would call trustworthy information. They were never exactly going to say "Oh yeah, Fred's soul is still in there somewhere. Here is what you have to do to destroy Illyria and save your friend." Truthfully there is no solid evidence that Fred was really gone, just the dubious word of a couple of Illyria's followers.
Yeah, I never believed Dr. Sparrow either. I was really surprised when they didn't do any research on it.

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