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August 15 2005

"After Image" is the title of the Buffy book for February 2006 release. Author is Pierce Askegren. Not sure when it is set - post S7 or not?

Ooooh nice cover art!
Well, that photo is of season 2 Buffy, isn't it? So maybe that's when the story is set?
Well, that photo is of season 2 Buffy, isn't it? So maybe that's when the story is set?

How do you figure? Buffy looked post-S7, if anything to me.
I've never read any "Buffy" books before. Can anyone recommend which ones to start with? Are there certain authors to watch/avoid? Is there a good list of the books and what order to read them in? Basicly, I think I might want to check out some buffy (and angel) books, but don't know where to start.
Look at her face, still with the cute baby chub. And that is when her hair is in that bob, and it was also during the time when she had to stuff her bra and wear those tiny, impractical skirts to slay in.

No way is that thin-as-a-shadow season 7 Buffy.
You can also tell by her makeup.

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ScaryMike, you might start with Tales of the Slayers and Tales of the Vampires, if you haven't already. They are the bound issues/grapic novels of the best of the comics and the stories in them related to the Buffyverse are canon, with a couple/few by Joss and the others by ME writers. I've read a few other Buffy comics and they don't come close to these two.

Some of the Buffy books are sorta ok but not challenging reading. And they feel at times like shadows of the real thing, which is what they are. But some writers keep the characters as true to the originals as they can. I don't recommend The Lost Slayer. I guess the Book of Fours was ok but it was beach reading.
I thought she looked great in S7, but that's definitely a S2 picture. The shade of the hair and length are giveaways also.
The pictures used on the cover aren't necessarily representative of the season in which the book is taking place.
ScaryMike- I am partial to Monster Island as a good start.
The picture seemed S2 to me too. But, I don't think it's set in S2 though. Just a gut feeling.
In Buffy magazine #20, Nancy Holder said, about Queen of the Slayers and the possibility of doing another book set after S7:

"I've already asked if I can write another one past this and we're going to wait and see how this one does"

From that quote I assmed that Nancy Holder'd be the only one writing books set after season 7, at least for now, and that's it's not at all sure yet if there'll be more to begin with.

From the S2 cover image, I'm guessing the book'll be set in that timeframe as well.
GVH, you have a unique way of creating contractions. I don't see anything in that quote that leads me to believe Nancy Holder would be the only writer to be able to write anything after season seven.
Killinj: Thank you. I guess. :)

But, you're right, there's no direct hint there that Nancy Holder is the only one who is going to write post-S7 books for now. The reason I assumed, is because it's pretty hard to get to write a book that essentially becomes 'canon' for things that might still be done by Joss in some shape or form later.

Furthermore, they seem to be waiting to see if Queen of the Slayers is a succes before allowing another post-S7 book to be released. And from that quote it would appear that Nancy Holder is already trying to get to write the follow-up.

So those facts put together, led me to assume that Nancy Holder'd be the only one writing a new post-S7 novel for now.

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I wrote to Nancy Holder yesterday and she said she is writing another book set in season 2. I'm pretty excited since that's my favorite season. So if this one is in season 2 as well maybe they are going backwards? Maybe post 7 books don't do as well?
None of the novels, regardless of what time period they are written, are considered canon.
From the same article, on Queen of the Slayers, a quote from Patrick Price (the Buffy editor at the publisher):

"I talked to Fox to see if they were opten to it," Patrick details. "We knew there would be an approval process, because we were going into new territory, but they were open to it."

Regardless of whether the stories are considered canon or not, it's not as easy to get a post-S7 story published as it is a pre-S7 one, which is one of the reasons I do not think anyone else than Nancy Holder is going to be writing the next post-S7 book. If there even is another one.
I never questioned whether or not it was more difficult to get a post S7 book published. Initially, you wrote that only Holder would be writing post S7 books and then you clarified that you meant that she would most likely be the first to write one, so I had nothing further to say on that point.
Check. Never mind then :)
Keep in mind that the pictures almost always have absolutely nothing to do with the story or season plot. What that in mind, I hope that Nancy Holder stays FARRRRR away from future Buffy books. Especially anything after season 7.
Yeah. Queen of the Slayers really wasn't that good. It kind of disappointed me to tell the truth. I'm not going to spoil the book for anyone who may want to read it, but it contradicted AtS season five at times, and not in a cool way.

Though, Nancy Holder's earlier Buffy books aren't bad...

Personally, I like "Immortal".
"Though, Nancy Holder's earlier Buffy books aren't bad..."

That's interesting Emma. Perhaps her earler books were more believeable because the characters were younger, the arcs a little less complex, etc. Perhaps the depth of her stories were easier to relate to a high school group of characters.
That's probably it, April. Holder's not a bad writer...but there was some oomph missing from this book. Then again, QotS runs parallel to an entire season of Angel, and maybe because of that everything seemed a lot less fleshed out? The other books were supposed to be, like, episode-long in tv time. Or a short episode story arc of three or four eps in some cases. You get the picture. :-D

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