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August 15 2005

Want More Spike? corresponded with "Support Spike" to talk about the efforts of the Spike fans.

Thanks Lynnie. Teep has done a tremendous job and one of the important aspects none of the efforts exclude any character or promote any ship. Imo, JM had great chemistry with all the rest of the cast and I'd look forward to seeing him co-starring any of them.
The more I mull the prospect of a Spike TV movie, I have to admit, the more I loose interest in it.
I'm sure people had similar doubts about an Angel spinoff when it was first muted. And that turned out alright :).
gossi, not to sound hatefull, but what you be interested in? CSI-Richmond or Americas next super dancer?
Oh, I don't doubt it'd be good if kept in the right creative hands - I just think all the talk and lack of action is causing me to loose interest.
Gossi, It will be interesting to see how you feel if things actually start happening.
Spike Movie? Yes Please.
Well, I want a Spike movie as much as the next girl, but I must agree with Gossi. My eyes just glaze over every time I see yet another fricking article about it. If it isn't beating a dead horse, it sure feels like it. Yes, yes, I know, any publicity is good, blah blah bliddy blah. Just do it already, Joss!
I agree with punkinpuss and gossi. It seems that all parties that would be involved in making this Spike Movie dream come true are willing to have this done, but no one's taking a step foward. It's like the bleeding People's Front of Judea: talk, talk about talk, talk about action - no action. What's the point in getting my hopes up, when I'm pretty sure it's not going to happen? If I expect nothing, just think how pleasently suprised I'll be if someone actually gets this ball rolling.
These fans definately aren't all talk, they've taken active steps to promote a future storyline involving Spike. I'm very proud, not just of the Spike fans, but of all the campaigns I interviewed for some sort of future 'verse project. Each of them have kept things positive and have incorporated charity into their efforts.
I can kind of see both sides of this debate. As somebody who is a massive fan of Buffy and Angel but not really all that into Firefly/Serenity (not that i think there is anything wrong with the latter show, just wasn't my personal cup of tea) i can appreciate how some people are getting restless for more slayerverse. I know i am!

On the other hand i'm aware that Joss has his Serenity hat on right now which means we slayer/vamp fans have to wait a little longer than we hoped for a return to our particular favourite fictional reality. I just hope that with everything else that Joss is busy with right now (Serenity, AXM, Wonder Woman) projects such as a Spike movie don't get buried altogether. The fact is some of us aren't Firefly, X-Men or Wonder Woman fans and, as selfish as this may seem, want more of the story we really care about. I've got no problem with Joss doing whatever makes him happy when it comes to his working day but the slayerverse is too rich a storytelling playground top be left alone just yet.
I second "Vampire With A Gun"s comment.
If you join Kristen's chat on Monday August 22nd - you could win a James Marsters CD. I've provided a link for reference - there may be spoilers for other shows on the page.

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