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August 15 2005

New Serenity cast photo. A new Serenity cast photo showing our Big Damn Heroes in a bar. Click on 'Foto's' for the picture page. It's the centre image at the bottom of the page.

This new promotional picture just got uploaded to the dutch Serenity movie website. This is the direct link:

Immediatly replying to this one myself: I'm a moderator at the forum, so I'm not sure if this'd count as 'linking to your own work'. If so: apologies. Also, this was my first time posting a story, so I hope I did everything okay :)
The thing that almost amuses me on cast photos: Alan Tudyk's facial expressions.
Well technically I suppose it wouldn't be linking to your own work but next time email first just to check.
Is Gina tweaking Adam's nipple???
e-mailing, now there's a novel plan. Will do next time. Glad it's okay, though.

And, yes, Alan's facial expression, as always, is classic.
The gals look great. And so does Ron. But the rest of the guys are kinda off. Nathan looks a tad bored, or stoned. And he's usually the the guy having the most fun. (This time that would be Ron).

And Adam, come on! If Gina was tweaking my nipple, I'd have a different expression on my face!
Ron looks like I do on occasion!
As a Kaylee/Jewel fan, all I can say is... wow!
All I can say is... look at those hairband skirts! :)
Yes, wow, Jewel's outfit definitely defines the parameters of the photo as a "cast photo" rather than a "character photo" -- because Kaylee would not wear that outfit! Wow.
Almost too much pretty for one picture. The fellows are manly but sensitive hunks, and all the women are flat-out gorgeous -- but good golly Pete, Jewel's got some fine-lookin' gams! That's the smokin'est image of her I've ever seen.
Obviously, Jewel looks great in this photo, but Summer looks shiny as well.
Still, Jewel in that green that's shiny!

(Is that how you spell that? Ya know, I don't even know, but 'shiney' doesn't really look right. But, if I'm wrong, I'm sure someone will correct me.)

Anywho, I really like that picture, good stuff. I have found myself staring at it - - for like 5 minutes now. What a good looking cast.
my my, look at all the pretty people.
I love Jewel.
wow, they look amazing in this pic....
anyone know where this was taken

love it anyway
that's hot

...uh, kinda channeled Paris Hilton there... but it is, cool to have a new picture in a different setting - way better than that EW photo
Right click, set as wallpaper. :] Very pretty!
If you take another look, as I did of the nipple-tweatking, it's quite the vixen photo.

Zoe is indeed tweaking Jayne's nipple.
River slyly fondles Mal's shoulder.
Simon's enjoying the lavish attention of a coy Inara.
Kaylee has a sexy slouch on a bewildered Wash.
Book is celebate so he just happily gets... the pole (?).

Hey wait, those are Melrose plots. Nevermind.

(disclaimer: I really did dig Melrose. :) )
Aw poor Book - are we sure he's celibate? Joss wouldn't be so cruel... oh wait, of course he would.
Okay, but can we take a minute to deal with all the great shoes in this photo? Alan's and Jewel's shoes are perfect. Nathan's shoes are a refreshingly original choice (and totally give him away as a stoner - just look at that face). And I don't even know what to call whatever it is Morena's got on her feet, but I want a pair.

::End shallow moment::

Seriously, though, I love it. Can these people get any prettier?
Is anyone else bothered by the eyes coming out really strangely? Other than that everybody looks great, but the eyes are weird.
Thank goodness! I thought I was the only one bothered by the eyes. They almost all look strange - mismatched or something. I think it is deliberate.
But I have to go back and look at the shoes. Missed those somehow.
edited because I can't spel.

[ edited by Lioness on 2005-08-15 23:22 ]
Actually, it occurs to me that of all of them, Alan's expression is the only that you'd actually see on the face of his character.
Ok. I'm at home now on my Mac, and the eyes are fine. Something is definitely wrong with the eyes when I look at it on the computer at work, though.
Summer, wow. I keep thinking of her as the waifish, wan River, and of course, duh, that's acting! She's stunning, as are all of our BDH.

Gina's stroking Adams' lapel, silly people! Still sexy, just not, y'know nipple-tweakage.
To be clear on this, GVH, it's not okay to link to your own website.
Well, technically it isn't 'my' website, of course, so I thought I'd be okay. But yes, I do understand. Sorry for breaking the rules there. Next time, I'll e-mail first, just to check.
I just rechecked Nathan's shoes. Ha! Made me smile.

*sigh* They all look so great. As someone just said on another thread, "Look at all the pretties!" They look like Big Damn Movie Stars.
They look like an old Benetton ad! All that's missing is their faces smeared with paint. Is Benetton even still in business?

I love it though. It'd make a great wallpaper!

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