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August 15 2005

Angel: The Curse #1 goes to third printing. This is the first time this has happened in IDW's publishing history. In related news, #3 of the Angel mini-series and the Spike one-shot 'Old Times' will both be out on August 24th.

And I'll do a heads up on that date as well.

Cool. The second Angel comic wasn't half bad. And the Spike artwork is really appealing. If the writing is as cool as the Spike artwork, a lot of non-comic fans will be sucked into the comic world. He did it to me.

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I agree April, the second issue was better than the first. And how can you top an Angel story featuring Romanian gangsters that have posters of Cordy on their walls?
Agreed. I was skeptical with the first issue, but the second issue was much better. The art still struck me as somewhat static though. Nontheless, I'm looking forward to #3 and the Spike one-shot. Plus, it's always great to see Buffyverse related items doing well.
The second issue went up in the top 300 Comic Books Diamond list. Issue went in at 152 in June, second issue rose to 129 for July.
I still need to buy all of these post-s5 comics. I need my Angel dosage.
I pre-ordered a few copies of the Spike one-shot. I wanted to order an Angel subscription, but it doesn't appear to be available anymore. I guess that's due to #1 being sold out.

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