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August 15 2005

Tell the world why you love Serenity. "Universal Pictures would like to invite you to come to the Universal Studios lot this Wednesday, August 17th, where you will have the opportunity to be filmed talking about what makes Firefly, Joss Whedon and the Serenity 'verse so shiny."

all you lucky Browncoats down in SoCal -- get going! :)

Quick!! What's the Serenity Leader's email address?!!?!
Wow, if I wasn't terrified of public speaking, I'd so be there!
If I lived 2,000 miles closer, then I would be there!
See, I can be there. Absolutely. But I may have some trouble having something wonderfully articulate to say. So, if you guys who can't be there want to write up something, I will absolutely spout it off to the cameras, no problem. Email me:
But I may have some trouble having something wonderfully articulate to say.

I just got this image..."Serenity good. Me like. Movie make happy fan. Joss God."
Rogue Slayer, that should be printed on a t-shirt
Why, oh why, did I learn of Whedonesque, and all the fun SoCal things that are announced here, *after* I moved to Sacramento!
Don't forget this bit:

For those of you who are not able to come to Los Angeles, we have posted a challenge to submit your own video or written testimonial. Please follow the posted guidelines about how and what to submit.
Wow, this is just too cool. I am kinda wondering how this'll go over once it's used as in the promotional campaign, though. A bunch of fans saying how great the movie is... It'd get me to the theatre for sure, but I may not be very representative of 'Joe Public'. But still, great idea. I love the way the marketing for Serenity just keeps bringing original ideas.
Hmm. They didn't get enough decent footage from the screenings?
I'm thinking they'll have a sizeable crowd considering how many CAN'T get there. I'm totally envious of anyone's availablity to events like this.
Just speak from the heart Zeppo. For instance, if it was me, I'd be talking about how bad ass Jayne is and how he's like the Spike of Firefly. But that's just me.
Well, I like public speaking since I work for a radio station. Sadly, I can't get there at a moment's notice...darn it! Good thing there's a way to write a testimonial!

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Hmmm, that sounds like a way for a lot of spoilers to get flung around.
Maybe not, zandra. People who find this announcement would probably be as non-spoilery as they are online. Browncoats at the screening I attended were very non-spoilery and some in attendance had seen it in a city 5-6 hours away. Most Browncoats are nice!
Oh I am so there! Universal is just around the corner from me.
You can also submit video to the website. Here's mine! (2 MB wmv)
So funny with the dogs Succatash. My sister has a pair just like them. Nice shirt too. Was that custom made or did you get it at a convention or something?
Tash, it downloaded fine, but I got no audio. Anyone else have that problem?
Succatash, I love your clip. It cracked me up. :)
that's fabulous, succatash. i especially like the bit about the beagles. priceless.
Lol, I think it's great my dogs started fighting. No audio, Willowy? That's strange. Anyone else have that problem? Dang. SpikeBad, I'm wearing a shirt from the Serenity Board store.
Succatash, what camera do you use to hook up to your computer?
i actually thought the dogs fighting was on purpose - it worked great and made me laugh.
Audio was fine for me, and I'm on a mac. I particularly liked the Beagles bit as well... :-)
MySerenity, I have a very old RCA camcorder that plugs into my All-in-Wonder card. I need to get me one of them new fangled digital cameras, that would be fun.

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