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August 15 2005

A review of the Serenity fan table at Memorabilia. Remember this link about a Firefly fan event in the UK? Well it happened last weekend and seemed to go very well. There's even a video clip too.

And click here to see pics of the event.

the table looks AMAZING! you guys done good. kudos!
Cool. Whatever they have, I want one.
Test test test. God I hope this posts.
yay it's working, I missed whedonesque.
Test good, Simon. We missed you.
It's so good to be back!
It was a great time (I took the video footage online so far). This picture shows the kind of impact well, I think.
That girl in the pink soooo does not look happy to be there gossi.
Very nice video work, Gossi! Lovely feel of immediacy to it.

And, SpikeBad, that girl is the only person in the entire shot not completely absorbed by what they're looking at.

Great job, people!

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I love the pic of the guy dressed like Picard in a Star Trek uniform holding up a Serenity promo.
Hee. "Washosarus" was there, too, which is Claire dressed as Wash riding a dinosaur, with a Serenity banner. That attracted so much attention it was unreal. We got photos of it with storm troppers, Trekkies, Darth Vader - the list is endless.

The trailers were also played on a wide screen TV at the stand, which attracted a lot of attention.

Also, at the after event shindig a few 'new' people turned up, and got treated to convention footage, Q&As and such.

Basically, I'm not kidding when I say it went well - it really did have an impact, and is probably the most successful fan table thing I've seen (besides Comic Con).
Very good job, gossi.
Oh we had a complete blast and I have to say we really were the busiest table there. At one point we had the whole aisle blocked by people trying to get a look at the trailers. We saw the same people come back over and over to watch the trailers. I actually got stopped by one person at the end who came over and thanked me for showing the trailers. It was great standing at the other side of the table, watching people engrossed in the trailers. I can't get over just how well it went. The interest was phenomenal and ranged from die hard Browncoats to people who had never heard of Firelfy. I don't think a single person who entered that hall left it without at least having the name 'Serenity' in their heads. Now roll on Edinburgh!

Also forgot to mention - you may notice on the picture of River about to jump out of a ship, below her, printed on the ship, is the number H8. Our stall at Memorabilia was number H8 - how spooky is that?

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Hee, I hadn't noticed that Cider! It's also a reference to a Sci-Fi film I believe.
Everything looks fantastic. You guys did a great job. Where did the Washasaurous come from? Boy, people must have a strange impression of the movie...but in a good way.

Apparently the browncoats in Toronto are going to have a table at the Canadian Sci/Fi Convention in a couple weeks. With James Marsters and Adam Baldwin due to be there, I had really wanted to be selfish and deny my family a vacation at the beach so that I could go to Toronto, but I was good. Reading about the Toronto browncoats' hard work and now seeing these pictures from your shindig really is making me sorry I'm not going to Toronto.
Wow - the table looked absolutely amazing. And I love the picture of the crowd around the table, with a man in the background standing at the table across the way but looking over at the Serenity table.

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