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August 16 2005

EW previews Serenity, article features new cast picture.

Gossi kind of posted this before, but it linked to another article.
This must be the article featured in EW issue #834-835, featuring a new pic, which was taken in the same shoot from the picture they featured in that "Must List" issue.

It's a very nice writeup in their Fall Movie Preview. I'm happy to see that this movie is starting to get some press...
-Joe Kavanagh
Just bought the mag yesterday. That is a beautiful shot of the cast on the veranda. I'd want that print on quality stock. The article is well done, too. And a great promo for our, you know, heroes.
I got the mag too. Nice little piece, although perhaps erring on the side of too much backstory and not enough "wow this film is gonna be great!" for my taste. And I prefer the other pic from the same shoot - this one seems a touch over-exposed - or, more likely, the sun is full on in their eyes because there's a touch of squintiness about them all.
Jewel looking hot again. They really should put her in a tight skimpy outfit in the movie. It could be like for undercover or something like Fred in "The House Always Wins."
Yeah, Spikebad, 'cause that would be oh so Kaylee. *eyeroll*
Hey! It could happen. She could be possessed or something, or take a drug with strange side effects, or there could be a look alike, or it could be an evil Kaylee from another reality, or maybe even a sexbot created by some nerd specificaly for the private use of Simon. It could happen. In a Joss show anyway.

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I'm glad this article was posted again in the Fall (?) preview EW magazine. Or am I reading this wrong? Haven't received that issue yet, but I recall the earlier issue. Several mistakes, yet I still enjoyed the article. I'll take all the PR we can get to behold 'Serenity' in the public eye.
The earlier issue was the EW "Hot List." Different than the Fall Preview, and a different article.

To me, the real news here is that a magic number is finally named for sequel chances to be good -- 80 mil worldwide. Hadn't seen that before.
I also got this over the weekend and as I stared at the photo, I wondered how many people are going to flip past the article because they don’t recognize any ‘big C’ celebrities. It’s one of only two in-depth articles on a film in the issue so hopefully people will give it a chance and be interested in its up from the ashes journey to the screen. I like the casual air of this photo as opposed to them all looking like a fashion spread that hides their personalities or individuality. It sort of looks like they are on the set of ‘Deadwood’ which is a good omen (in my book anyway :-)).
Ah, you're right, MattM. That was the article in my head. Thanks.
She could be possessed or something

This isn't Charmed :))
Just sent this artciel for a few friends.

Call them unfaithful, un non-believers. They are huge Buffyverse fans, but they were never really converted to Firefly, even though I tried hard to convert them.

Most of them are betting that the movie won't be that succesful, since the show wasn't so succesful, well "being cancelled" at all. They say that there wasn't much media buzz back then in 2002/2003.

So been wondering, since we have people from all over the planet, here, how did Firefly fared in your country. I suppose that it was very succesful in Australia and UK, or at least succesful enough for Fox to release local versions of the DVDs.
Yeah, SNT, if I had my pick, I'd choose that earlier side-on shot in the veranda. There was more of a relaxed demeanour there.

However, the two shots used so far are a refreshing change from what could have been done. It could have been a natural thing to shoot the cast in costume on a spacey set. That might have turned reg'lar folk off. These shots made EW readers look, and then comes the surprise this is a preview of a "futuristic space adventure". Might be enough to jiggle their biases a bit and make them thnk about going.

Or not!
I agree, D. I like both the pics, but marginally preferred the first one. Even so, I dig the natural cast-hanging out together look too, and I think it might well appeal to non-SF types.
On the off chance that anyone from Universal ever reads this, I would like to publicly state that I would buy a paperback edition of the unfilmable 190-page original script, were one ever printed.
Entertainment Weekly did a photo a while back with the Deadwood girls, and they were in modern clothes in a bar, it was odd. same sort of deal with the Serenity cast, sometimes they just look odd to me out of costume....

a bunch of people at Entertainment Weekly seem to really love the show/movie, because it seems like every issue for the last couple of months has something firefly/serenity related, which is awesome, thats a huge magazine!

and $80 million? thats all? we can totally do that! at $10 or $11 a ticket here, thats nothin'!

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