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"What else would I wanna pump you for?"
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August 16 2005

Joss posts at the Serenity Movie site. A sleepless Joss talks about Edinburgh, Australia and art (reg req).

Those taglines just crack me up.
Huh. I'm not especially familiar with the site and I can't find links to it at all. I am logged in. Any suggestions?
Funny taglines Joss. Funny taglines.
April, if you are logged in, just come back to Whedonesque and go through the link again, it will take you there. At least that works for me everytime!
April if you've just logged into the Browncoasts forum to read it, close down that particular browser window and then click on the link again. It should bring up Joss' post.
Oh Simon, great minds think alike!
That they do :).
I actually prefer all of Joss's faux taglines to the real one. Ah well.

And it is grand to be live again.
I liked "Mal takes his shirt off already," but I guess I can see how that might have limited appeal for the straight, male market.
Hey Simon. How come the site was down for while? I must of hit the refresh button like a million times.
R.E. Simon and SpikAngelLover

"Oh Simon, great minds think alike!"

And coincedentally so do yours!

(Oh i just love quoting Buffy, especially when it's relevant!)
Thanks for the help. I only recently joined Browncoats. I swear, that has to be his way of communicating he's not responsible for the tagline. I love him.
That's just great, classic Joss humor. Think he may have worn himself out with that marathon 'Varonica Mars' viewing. Well, somethings are worth it.
Yea, Whedonesque is back! Thanks guys, we missed you.

Great post from Joss on the Serenity site. As I said over there, I don't think fans are as worried about these "conventional wisdom" sites as much as when and what kind of marketing to the masses is going to happen. I want to be able to talk up the movie, but at this point I just sound geeky to the people I know if I mention it because none of them have heard of it from any other place. If the marketing is out there and I can say, "Yeah, I saw a preview of that movie. It was really good. You should see it." then I am a normal human being recommending a movie, not someone who freakily knows things most others don't. (Ok, so I already have that reputation in certain specific subjects, but this is not one of them.)

I work in mainstream Corporate America, where the money lives. They don't like things to be freaky, but they do like really good accessable movies that they hear about in conventional ways. I think this could be one of them...if they hear about it.
Hey Simon. How come the site was down for while? I must of hit the refresh button like a million times.

Problems with Whedonesque's database. Much praise to Caroline for getting it sorted out.
Thank you, Caroline. You're the sweetest :)
Oh sweet Caroline thank you.
:) thanks Caroline.

I'm so pumped that he's coming down to Melbourne in september, at a time which coincides with my mid-semester break. Great timing, Joss! :)
Thank you Caroline! I'm lost without this site :)
So Joss says that the media blitz is about to start. Do we have any idea when and how? I'm eager to see things roll out.
BTW, for those of you wondering who the heck Lady Agnew of Lochnaw is, click on the link.

Succinctly put, John Singer Sargent rocks.
Joss is coming to Sydney!!!! I've shrieked and squealed for hours now over this! I'm one happy chooky, but oh, what a day for our lovely site to go belly up!
I haven't posted it in a seperate subject, but Adam Baldwin is coming to Edinburgh now, too, according to UIP. With most of the cast, the writer/director and exec producer, and a red carpet, it's now starting to look like a good press event. Oh yeah.
I actually prefer all of Joss's faux taglines to the real one. Ah well.

Same here. I especially like:

"One Captain. One Psychic. One Assasin. One Doctor. One Shepherd. Another Assasin, but different from the first. One Mechanic. One Companion, which is like a geisha or a courtesan, I guess sort of. One... um... did I do Mechanic? Which movie is this?"
Yes, bravo for Caroline!

As for Joss's post: hey, I've made (gained) $1.3M on Serenity on the Hollywood Stock Exchange! And it's my only investment on HSX. I'm glad he reminded me--I haven't looked in a long time.

As for me-tooing: the taglines are classic Joss.
I too am not a great fan of the real tag-tagline (as I mentioned on page 4 of the thread.)

Whatever happened to "Can't stop the signal"?? I thought that was an excellent tag...
Well, if Mr. Whedon needs a guide around the gallery...
Succinctly put, John Singer Sargent rocks.

Omigod, yes. My handle on the browncoats site and on various other places is "ladyagnew" and I've loved that painting for years -- it was the painting that made me seek out books of Sargent's work, and generally fall in love with his work. I first saw the painting reprinted on the cover of James' Portrait of a Lady, and I fell in love with James, Isabel Archer (the character) and that painting in one fell swoop.

The painting is more than lovely -- Lady Agnew seems to be looking at the viewer with a secret amusement in her eyes, almost challenging you, and I'll always associate her look with the difficult path a woman has to take to make her own interesting way in the world.

Wow, Joss has like the best taste. (except for, um, Harry Potter -- sorry!)
Yours (finally!) sleepily, The Man They Call Joss.

One wonders if he's heard the "Balld of Joss"? :)
Joss in Melbourne! Yay much! I hope, hope, hope he goes on The Movie Show, At The Movies, Triple J... all the cool places where he belongs. Joss, I live just around the corner (and 13kms) from the Melbourne Airport so if you want a driver... I promise I won't squeal or paddle too much. I'm not sure what a proper Aussie welcome entails, but I'm happy to exploit all the embarrasing stereotypes for your entertainment. And I'll show you the croc skin from the one my dad killed (true story) if that helps.
buffbuff - I hope he goes on all/any of those but mostly I hope he goes on Rove (with trailer of course and a lenghty slot!)and on Enough Rope while in Sydney.

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