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August 16 2005

Sometimes, Fox just isn't that into me. Fun little article bemoaning the author's tempestuous relationship with the network. Speaks of the loss of Wonderfalls and The Inside, seems to hint of Firefly.

Plus, she's already feeling wistful and resigned about having Kitchen Confidential and Bones ripped from her clinging, bloodied hands. (Dated August 10.)

Great little jab at the Allia-- er, I mean, Fox :) Love so many of the shows on the list... it is to be sad, as my friend Randy used to say.
Yahoo is a decent site for coverage. Wow.
The original source, USA Today, isn't too shabby a site for coverage either.
The writer, Whitney Matheson, is definitely a Joss fan. Her Pop Candy column has been linked to at least a couple other times on this site because of her fan-mentions of his shows, though I can't remember now exactly which ones are her faves...
Nice to see Whedonesque back up and running!
Whitney is my favourite columnist.

And this is why.
I remember a number of other Pop Candy columns now that acp brought it up. Good stuff :) I never saw the link Simon pointed out, so that's all kinds of fun as well!
Kristen recently quoted from Whedonesque too!

Can't argue with your reasons for Whitney being your favorite columnist though! :)
Hmmm, so she lurks? I guess posting here would be both a conflict of interest and like work. Too bad, fun article.

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