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August 16 2005 back from a hell dimension. Sorry about the down time, folks. We're not exactly sure what caused our troubles yet.

The outage struck the entire Von B Press empire, including my two major sites: and

Since I am based in Amsterdam and our hosting company in Pittsburgh, there was nothing I could do but bite my nails until support at our ISP woke up.

Thankfully, the good people at brought us back to life quite soon after reading my desperate pleas.

We're not out of the woods yet as we have yet to discover the exact cause.

Thank you for your patience!

Yeah but now I think we have to start or something, I don't think heroin withdrawl would be as painful as last night with no whedonesque. :)

Glad your back!!!!!!!!!!

**Fingers still trembling on the keys** I needed my fix man. I can't live without my daily dose of whedonesque.
No problem. I post on a board that regularly goes down every day for no apparent reason, so...
Thank you and all involved for working so hard and keeping the Flickr group updated!
This is so weird. First Whedonesque goes down, now Google isn't Google anymore?
Welcome back! Oh happy day, Whedonesque is back!
Well is back up as well. Weird.
I have been having a lot of weird DNS problems lately myself. Maybe the net is having growth spurts.
Thank god whedonesque is back! All night I refreshed and refreshed with no results like a stark mad raving lunatic. I need my whedonesque fix.
I was tapping my wrist - lemme tell ya, that was horrible. I'm SO glad it's back!
It really makes one paranoid when the IE error message is something like, You are denied access to this site. Of course, Microsoft messages are for the most part not especially accurate.
I never noticed being down and as far as I know Google is still Google. LOL! Thank goodness Whedonesque is back! I didn't realize how hooked I was on this site until it was taken away from me!
Weird, it must be my browser then. Anywho... so glad that Whedonesque is back. Kinda glad to see that the Flickr group serves as a good backup.
I honestly thought it was me, and figured work had decided I spent too much time here, and was blocking me.

I'm relieved that you are back, and that I can still peek in from work now and again.
As you can see, Whedonesque was really missed! Lots of us having serious withdrawal pangs, as you'll see on and other sites...all we did was whinge at each other about it! Nothing like seeing "Forbidden!" when you try to enter your favorite site!
I'm overjoyed whedonesque is back up. I was afraid that the network admins at work were blocking me.

BTW, I love reading all the comments - feels like being part of a lively (and often extremely funny) conversation. Thanks for being here.
Relief!! I've missed you so my beautiful friend!
That was one weird day! Thank God for that Flickr group, cause when I woke up this morning and thought I was banned from my favorite place on the net, I felt kinda sick! Thanx for working so hard Caroline to get us back on. I had done all these drastic searches for your email, and when I couldn't log onto the U2 site also, I thought I'd unwittingly offended you, or someone had done bad stuff and gotten my password and the like.
Sweet, now I can go to sleep!
Thanks, Caroline. You had some shaky addicts members out here.
Woohoo, we're back and all is well with the world again. I almost did some work today without Whedonesque to help my procrastination (fortunately I'm a master of the art and soon found other distractions).
I had just posted after a long time of not doing so, and when I went back, you were down. I thought maybe it was something I said.

Glad you're back.
Add me to the "Glad your back" parade!! Fortunately I checked over on Flickr right after I had tried coming here and there was a thread explaining what was going on! Glad we have Flickr to go to as a back up!
Caroline, it was no real problem. Most of us realized the ISP had gone down after checking. Simon and herb were quick in relaying the message in other rooms. It isn't your fault.
This. must. never. happen. again.

Oh, I'm so glad we're back! Thanks to Caroline and the mods that had to put up with us fretful minions! And thank any power you like for the flickr... that little library really came through.

Now, how do we go about creating some kind of DefCon device so we can all be forewarned should this (shudder) ever happen again?

I'm only partially kidding. ;)
I had just posted after a long time of not doing so, and when I went back, you were down. I thought maybe it was something I said.

ditto for me. I don't comment here often and I actually wondered if, on one of the few times when I chose to say something, that it was somehow so awful that special measures had been taken to block me forever from this site! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
After I realized I'd hit Whedonesque more than half a dozen times in the relatively short period that it was offline I started going into withdrawals :) Thankfully, I have other addictions :))
Glad to see I'm not the only one that had the shakes from withdrawl. is definitely addictive...
Totally in your emotional space, RavenU - no Whedonesque, no James.... surely the world had reversed it’s spin, the sun had imploded, and the WB had been honored for quality entertainment decisions. What a relief when all began to function again!

April - I also received the ‘you are denied (or was it forbidden?) access to this site’ type of message using Safari on my Mac iBook, so it’s not just Microsoft’s less than illuminating error messages.
Buffistas has a status page that isn't on the Buffistas server. a call went out to bookmark the page, and when there's an issue, the status page has the news and estimated time for repair.

There's also a refugee camp at places like Worldcrossing and People's Forum, which is helpful.

I dunno if any of these suggestions would work for Caroline or Whedonesque users.
Oh nice, I can't even get to Flickr. My company internet blocking policy sees it as the ever offensive: Personal Network Storage and Backup.

Were there space monkeys? Some terrifying space monkeys maybe got loose?

Somehow (!) I managed to miss the downtime between being on yesterday and today, but I would have been as horrified as any other Whedonist if I'd logged in only to wind up with a 404 or other Apache code staring me in the face. The mere thought of no beautiful, black-screen makes my guts go all squinchy. Here's hoping the space monkey computer issues get resolved so something similar never happens again.

*hastens off to sage the place and track down a sacrificial goat or twelve*
Wow, what a testament to the shinyness of this site! Many of us semi-lurkers who read Whedonesque for hours daily but rarely post, coming out of the woodwork to express our thanks, fear, and paranoia!!!! Reading everyones comments daily makes me feel good knowing that I am not alone in obsessive Whedonism!
Thanks, Caroline... :)
I am thrilled you are back (well, I didn't want to say 'glad' like everyone else), and I think it is very funny that the link is your own home page! Somehow the world just seemed incomplete without you.
As the Whedonesque site returns, the Serenity US Browncoats site crashes.

Ahhh, cruel fate.
you were misssed!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The internet. So unreliable now a days.
The US Serenity movie site? It up and running for me.
OK, the system crashed for a mere 24 hours. Looking back, I think Whedonesque is on top of the game. Any objections? Goin' once, more.

Now, why don't we get back to what we do best. Our opinions and comments.
Yeah, I got a bit worried there for a while. Good to see you back in action.
Yea! You're back!
So glad you're back - I got all paranoid for a moment when the 'Forbidden access to the site' message appeared, I mean my spelling and punctuation isn't that bad.

But Madhatter! All 2828 members haven't expressed how pleased they all are that Whedonesque is back! Who knew that the one topic to get everyone to post is our addiction to this site. I expect Joss to post at any time as well!
Thanks for those suggestions, Allyson, I will set up something similar for Whedonesque, a status blog.
Just give us Joss's phone number. Next time the board goes down we can just call him and demand to know what he's doing and where all his actors are.

Think he'll mind if I reverse the charges?
Whedonesque's Livejournal syndicated account has kicked in there just now and people who have it on their friends list should expect to see about 10 posts in a row.
Simon, Caroline, herb et al - I thought the Reavers had descended on us. I was all aquiver and askeered! Well - not really but I was definitly feeling sad without this site. Thanks to all of you for your hard work.
Just from the looks of it, that is the kind of thing I get when I have somehow screwed up the Apache configuration and turned off the list of default documents - Apache believes that you are asking for a directory listing instead of just the index.html (or probably, index.php, etc.)
Thank the lord!
I apologize, Lioness. You're correct. Sorry for my impatience :)
Thankfully, my panic has now abated. When I tried to log on for my ritual viewing and recieved that particular error message my paranoia shifted into high gear. I was all "What'd I do? What'd I do?" Entire night was thrown off kilter because my normal hit list was interrupted...Ummm just a tad anal retentive. But, thanks for asking!
Anyway had to wait all day because the school where I work only lets us visit a view academic sites. Fascists!
Ecstatic your back up and running. (That's stronger than glad, right?)

[ edited by Rank Amateur on 2005-08-17 01:38 ]
Admins and mods, I just wanted to say thanks for the fabulous job y'all are doing.
And distance, or db copping out on us in this case, only makes the heart grow fonder and more appreciative of this great Whedon pimping service.
Oh, thank god you're back. I was going insane with out you. Never go away again.
This time last year, I might have been huddled in the corner obsessively clicking 'refresh' after going a day without Whedonesque. But then MetaFilter started started to show its cruft, and this just seems like a minor blip in comparison. I've learned to appreciate the fact that Whedonesque has been so reliable--kudos to the administrators for making that happen.

Or something worse - virus hackers! Isn't there some new virus running around - rbot, or something like that?

Much glad that Whedonesque is back up and running. My world nearly crumbled....
Whew. Hands up how many people suddenly had the terrible feeling their work had realised how many hours a day they spent at Whedonesque when that FORBIDDEN sign came up :) Thank goodness I had actual work to do yesterday afternoon, and it was all fixed when I got in this morning. Where else could I get my non spoilery intelligent conversation from in one quick link? Thanks to all those who got it back up and running so quickly.
I'll add my voice to those above. I was home sick yesterday and borrowed my friend's computer to check my e-mail - and of course, Whedonesque, only to get the dreaded "Forbidden" message. I was so happy, thrilled, ecstatic, over-the-moon... to find it up and running when I got into work this morning. Thank you to all who enable our (healthy) habit and worked hard to get Whedonesque up and running as fast as possible.
Whedonesque: The new no carb no fat diet. just one click away from a healthy lifestyle.

I'm not sure where that came from, blame samatwitch's post
And the Breathing gets steadier. Calming Down. Whedonesque is back. I'm OK. I'm OK

You guys think that was hard? Try going on a ten day holiday - with no Internet connection! Each night, lying on my sofa, sweating, shaking, calling out "Whedonesque...Whedonesque" like some terrible and tormented ghost.

And the scary thing...Saturday the hell begins again!

8 Days. No Whedonesque. Hell ascends to earth.
This is wild - this time yesterday there was no Whedonesque, now the recent commnets link is needed for catching up on the threads I hadn't read before they fell off the front page!

Great to have the site back - and I join with everyone who's been giving thanks the to admin and mods.
Whedonesque now has a status blog. If we're down, we'll let you know what's going on at Please consider bookmarking that page for future reference.

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