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"Cup of tea, cup of tea, nearly got shagged, cup of tea?"
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August 16 2005

(SPOILER) 'Southland Tales' script review! For those of you who want to know more about Sarah Michelle Gellar's new movie, look no further.

The internet is outlawed! I shutter to think.
:) Can't wait. *goes to rewatch Donnie Darko*
ditto ditto, zeit. i'm so bloody excited about this. dare i continue my outsider's tour of british slang and say it sounds like the dog's bollocks? or can one even properly say that? :)

i have to admit the casting seems pretty damn strange, but for some reason i completely trust him. does anyone know when the 1st graphic novel comes out? i don't remember seeing it on the ST site...
Well she's blonde again but it looks like a wig.
I just saw those SMG pictures. You may be right. I don't think her hair was ever that much blonde.
Richard Kelly has a blog on production of the movie on his website. That should keep the buzz going.
"Nobody rocks the cock like Krysta Now!"

That may just be the funniest line I've heard all day
I haven't even got any words for how excited I am about this film. Is it next year yet?
The makeup she is wearing is not flattering. Is she an old porn star?

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