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January 30 2003

Clips from the AtS season one DVD. One of them is the now legendary scene where Angel dances.

That has to be the funniest comedy moment ever on Angel (well apart from David singing Mandy over the end credits in Judgement or Spike's speech about Angel).

What episode is that dance scene from? I must have missed it or simply forgotten it.

I wonder if Angelus (thank TPTB that he's back) will get a chance to dance? Evil things are better dancers, right?
I had so totally forgotten that - thanks for reminding me why I'm looking forward to getting those discs!
That clip with Spike is brilliant. He could be talking about his character now....
Angel danced in 'She' and I agree with fraying that clip of Spike taking the mickey out of Angel could very well refer to himself at the moment.
angelus is better than angel dont'cha think?

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