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August 16 2005

Firefly? What Firefly? Fox's treatment of "Firefly" is a topic of discussion in last weeks "The Week In Tech" podcast, hosted by former Tech-TV folks.

John C. Dvorak seemed stunned to learn of the existence of "Firefly," which he and his wife apparently rented and watched all of over the weekend. He didn't seem to know how he could have not heard of a show this good. Fortunately, techies Leo Laporte and Patrick Norton educated him. It's about 45 minutes into the podcast, available at Show 17.

As good as this is, this has happened numerous times before. Kevin Rose on the screen savers (when he was on it and it wasn't called attack of the show but kevin p. was co-host) expressed his liking for BtVS and urged viewers to buy it even though kevin p. ridiculed him for liking it. Was his reccomendation for 14.99 Season 1. Next, Norton and Laporte have expressed this views on firefly through this podcast at least one or two other times (considoring there just on ep. 18, that's about once every 6 shows). Definitely check these guys out, they definitely have respect for Firefly/Serenity and I guarentee you this won't be the last they'll speak of it, just wait until Serenity's theatrical release date inches closer and closer and especially the podcast after its officially released. They'll be huge promoters (being the #2-ish top podcast in all the world according to iTunes... most of the time at least). Check it!
can anybody who listened to it all the way through tell me the exact time they begin the discussion on firefly?
Okay, it's actually in This Week In Tech's LAST WEEKS Episode 17, so tuneman570 or one of the admins webmasters can change that. Repeat, its not episode 18 from this week but episode 17 from last weeks Podcast. If nothing else, I can just repost for the front page what tuneman was originally trying to get at. Secondly, 400lb_Gorilla the discussion on firefly/serenity begins at 48 minutes 30 seconds, where he begins by saying "while we're off topic..." If you choose to listen to only the relevant part (although I suggest listening to the whole thing because its a good podcast and one of my favorites) but if you so choose it lasts until right before the 51st minute of the podcast. Although only a couple minutes long, very good promotion/review/dialogue/etc. about Firefly/Serenity and definitely Pro-Whedonesque! Good call 400lb_Gorilla, other info tuneman570 should've mentioned. Maybe I should just repost this for the masses, unless Simon/SNT/Herb/etc. want to edit it, then by all means - please do :)
P.S. also available on iTunes for the millions of you whom have iTunes. Most of you should since I believe the Serenity trailor premiered on iTunes (or at least the first place/time I saw it myself). It's easy to find (just look at the top 20 podcasts) or search for This Week In Tech (or TWiT) and download the 17th episode, good luck and enjoy!
The details have changed and RIPWesley, tuneman570 did say where the Firefly mention begins.

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