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August 16 2005

Robia Lamorte Has Shut Down the Forum Section of Her Website. Robia explains on her soon to be defunct Forums page that she did so because "the gossip and backbiting that goes on in Buffy world seems to be perpetuated by forums."

The full text of her announcement reads:

"as you can see i have deleted all the threads from the board. i have decided to remove the forum section from my website. i love so many of the people that i have met thru the fandom and i thank you guys for your support. However, the gossip and backbiting that goes on in Buffy world seems to be perpetuated by forums, so i think at this time the best thing to do would be to shut it down.

It has been great getting to know so many of you.


I can respect that.

Shame, though.

But I respect that.
spring, I took the liberty of editing your link.

Sad she felt she needed to take this action. I've always thought Robia's site was a terrific model, and enjoyed watching the clips and other goodies she made available there.
I noticed the edit. :) Its ok, its more concise this way. But since Robia will be shutting the whole thing down in a day or so, I thought it best to transcribe her words here. Up to you to edit again if you agree.

Her site will remain-- only the forum section will be taken down.
Ah, thanks for the clarification, spring. I've amended the link back to Robia's main page, with the additional direct link to the announcement, and put the full text back in.

Just treated myself to watching Robia in "Cream" and Debbie Gibson's "Shake Your Love." (OK, the latter - not so much of a treat. Although, by a quirk of fate, I got to see "Deborah" Gibson perform with Rilo Kiley in L.A. recently . . . and she was great.) Too bad both are shot in that modern frenetic music video style, meaning we don't get enough Robia. Still, good stuff.
SNT, I always liked her. Shook my hips to her tunes back in the day (some of her songs are still great for aerobics ;)), but then when she got older and wasn't 'pop girl' material any more, she knew it and continued to write for other artists and tried her hand at producing as well. Also, didn't she get killer reviews in some Broadway musical?

Always seemed to me that she enjoyed it when she was hot, but when she wasn't any more, she moved on and found other interests within the industry. She didn't try to cling to her lost fame...she tried to grow and change. I respected that. Glad to see that she's still working.

So Robia, huh? Wonder what's up with her lately, career-wise. She looked kind of beat in RavenU's latest photos on the flickr, and her manic smile was nowhere to be seen. Hope she's doing okay. That's too bad that she feels she has to take down part of her site... her prerogative though. Sounds like she needs to spend some time over here on W to see some fanny goodness!

Er... oh, you know what I mean!
Career wise Robia has retired. Except for commercials she won't be doing any more acting.
Really, spring? That's interesting. Any word on what she's wanting to do? Also hoping that if Jenny Calendar is ever needed on any future project, that she won't shun it.
"Backbiting that goes on in Buffy world"...I guess I came too late to the dance because I have no idea what that means. Can someone enlighten me?
By backbiting she pretty much means all the rumours and drama that are so prevalent at conventions and on certain Whedon-verse forums. Anyone who has ever been to a convention knows what kind of drama, lies, and gossip can and does ensue.

I can't speak for her on whether she'd ever play Jenny again. I can tell you that she wants to concentrate on her ministry and on the book she is writing.

Also, she is collaborating with Cinescape to produce a calendar. More info than that, I really don't have.

[ edited by spring on 2005-08-17 06:33 ]
Cinescape? A genre mag? Does that mean a Miss Calendar calendar?
According to Wizard Universe the answer to that Calendar question is a resounding yes. We can expect a "Jenny Calendar" calendar which will debut September 30th at the Wizard Universe Boston convention.

[ edited by spring on 2005-08-17 07:19 ]
Calledon: one of the best things about Whedonesque is (caution: complete moderator sucking up to follow) that nastiness is struck down with the smitage of completely reasonable fury. So the 'ship wars, the 'bad acting', 'bad writing, 'bad stuff I know nothing about but feel like criticising' type posts of many boards and usenet are nipped in the bud - making the board a happier place for everyone to hang.

There is, of course, room for criticism of the constructive kind (unfavourable reviews are posted and discussed), both in links and comments, but part of the reason why this is such a good place to get news is that it has that level of care taken about its content. In other words, no personal flames and no abuse. An unmoderated forum, alas, gets the crazies - and who can blame Ms LaMorte for not wanting to host that in her name, or even not having the time to sort the wheat from the chaff?

Also, she has taken a stand, in public and with some fame, about religious matters she believes in (I am so not going into what exactly here, except to say she is totally classy about it even though I disagree). Unfortunately this makes her a bit of a target with people who unclassily disagree. And when I say people, I mean the uncouth.

Hopefully that makes it a bit clearer :-)

Mods: How was that for an explanation?
Thanks! I agree that the net is the modern-day "wild west" (without the spaceships unfortunately). I hate to admit it but while I'm new here and a relatively "late comer" to the Whedonverse, I've been on the net almost from the beginning (yes, I'm old). There are many sites that I still frequent (and post at) where a day doesn't go by without personal attacks on everything from one's beliefs to one's lineage; so, I understand how she feels, I just hadn't seen a lot of misbehavior (at least compared to what perhaps I've become use to) within the Whedonverse. Anyway, thanks again for the insight!
True, Calledon. Whedon fans for the most part are pretty darn nice, yet prone to the occasional passionate outburst. You won't find personal attacks here. Most newbies at Whedonesque find out the hard way that uh, it's not cool to be obnoxious here. But that is fine. Industry peeps read Whedonesque sometimes so it should be that way. On occasion I go to other boards/forums to get info and am always reminded why I pretty much stay here. They are like sixth grade and Whedonesque is like college.
fanny goodness

Oh dear...doesn't translate well in Australia. Translates funny (for me anyways) but, hmmmmm.

Ha ha...!

giles (yes, we know that is your real name :)) - best damn explanation I've read all year . . . no, silliness aside, I think you perfectly describe what this site aspires to. Whether or not it always achieves it is for others to say. And I wholeheartedly agree with the remainder of your post too.

As for "fanny goodness," well, I'm still scratching my head over that one. Willowy, explanation?
No! Please don't ask Aussies or Brits to say what "fanny goodness" means! I'm much too coy to say (and that gives you a hint!)
Getting back to the subject of Robia's forum - I agree that other sites (almost, it seems, without exception) can be very unpleasant places to be. Vitriolic words, badly spelled and in capitals (the last two particularly rub me up the wrong way!) are very off-putting. Quite right, April, about Whedonesque being like college by comparison. I'm always amused by what is posted, a lot of which is beautifully written. I do love this site. And "smitage" by the mods? Heh.
An unmoderated forum, alas, gets the crazies -

Just to be clear, Robia's site wasn't unmoderated or moderated badly. I and another lady moderated the forums for over a year, and there really wasn't a lot of nastiness to be found. However, it is true that the Internet fosters rumours in the Buffy-verse and I guess Robia didn't want to be a part of that for any longer.
SNT - fanny goodness? My silly way of saying that the fans here are good.

Come to think of it, I think I made that error once before, a long time ago. Some of our Aussie friends did a spit-take or two.

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