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August 17 2005

Serenity Role Playing Game to Debut at Gen Con 2005. Jamie Chambers, the creator of the Serenity RPG posts on about the upcoming launch of the highly anticipated game at Gen Con this weekend.

Jamie says to spread the word, so here's the full text of his message:

Tuesday, August 16, 2005 20:14
Serenity Role Playing Game at Gen Con 2005

Hi boys and girls!

I'm coming to you live (sort of) from back woods of Kentucky -- check out to check out where we've been -- preparing to make the final leg of the journey tomorrow to Indianapolis to set up for the Big Damn Convention, otherwise known as Gen Con. (More information there for those of you not in the know.)

For those of you wondering, I am tickled pink (and other colors) to report that we WILL INDEED have the Serenity Role Playing Game at the show for your enjoyment. This is a big, full-color book chock full of gaming goodness, plus pictures and quotes from a certain film coming out this fall. We'll be running games throughout the weekend, so I'm sure you'll hear reports filtering in from just about everywhere.

Those of you heading out for the show, please stop by Booth #611 to see just what I'm talking about. We'll be there all four days, and Mr. Ron Glass will be signing autographs in our booth on Saturday -- no autograph charge for signing the Serenity Role Playing Game! (See show schedule for more details.)

We have lots of other cool offerings, including a new Dragonlance game product, novels by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, and a board game that can be played on the back of a T-shirt.

For those asking about the Serenity RPG website, you are all correct to wonder. We have a very cool website well underway, but needs a few more things to get up for all to see -- things we can't do while hundreds of miles away from the office.

Spread the word, gang, and please check out the shiny new game. Coming soon... the report on our Dragon*Con offerings and an official-as-you-can-get street date for the game at hobby and book stores everywhere.

Thanks to you all! This has been an amazing ride so far, and I can't wait to show everyone just what we've been working on.

** Jamie

Here's a picture from Comic-Con showing some of the graphics from the RPG book. Margaret and Jamie said they expect non-RPG playing fans would still enjoy it just as a book as it is written more as a story than as an instruction manual.

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