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August 17 2005

Serenity soundtrack gets release date. The CD will be out in the States on the 27th of September.

Varese Records released the Sin City and Chronicles of Riddick soundtrack and numerous other soundtracks in case anyone is wondering about the record label.

Excellent. I was impressed with the sample CD, and I think David Newman has done a great job. I'll look forward to this.

Now back to the more serious issue. Where's my gorram Firefly soundtrack CD?!?
I remember from my brief foray into serious film score collecting that Varese Sarabande was known as one of the premium labels. Though this was mainly for releases of hard to find older scores.

I could also be completely misremembering everything. :-P
Having seen the music in place in the film, this is an essential purchase for me. Some of the later chinese scores and the epic ones at the end are So Very Cool. Also, accoustic Ballad of Serenity.
The score I have heard so far is really good, this will make a nice addition to the AtS & BtVS CDs.

Wonders if I can preorder at Amazon *goes off to check*
This makes me so very glad. I've been anticipating this soundtrack almost as much as the movie's release. (Having already seen the movie, mind you.) Shiny.
Yea! As I was scrolling down the page, I actually had a squee! moment when I saw this wonderful news. I remember the when the first Buffy soundtrack came out, I was so excited, like " Really? music from the show? Awesome!"
Now I'm happy. But you what would made me happier? A Firefly Score Soundtrack.
I second that, Numfar. As an aspiring composer, I've been anticipatng the Serenity score for months. At least I have the promo tracks to keep me satiated. I've decided the only way I'm going to get a Firefly soundtrack is to go back throught the episodes and rip the cues myself, with dialogue. The only one I've done so far is the cue that plays over Tracey's funeral in "The Message."
Much obliged! I'll keep a lookout at and drop a note when it appears there.
RobG: Essential gap filler: Firefly Mp3's ripped by Sneaker98
There's a torrent link near the bottom of the thread.
I remember FF music composer Greg Edmonson posting several times on the original FF board saying Fox Music has his selections and arrangements (however you describe this, I'm not a musician). Nothing has ever come of that.

I think Fox could sell a lot of copies. Got to wonder why they haven't done it . . .

ETA: Here's a link to a recent W thread on the FF CD.

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Varese Sarabande have done soundtracks for the likes of Alias, The Incredibles, etc. and they are regarded as "the" label for releasing score albums, so I'm glad they'll be handling Serenity's soundtrack release.
Varese Sarabande have done soundtracks for the likes of Alias, The Incredibles, etc. and they are regarded as "the" label for releasing score albums, so I'm glad they'll be handling Serenity's soundtrack release.

They do wonderful work; however, I sometimes think soundtracks get done by Varese because, well, no one else wants to carry them.

Nevertheless, I keep an eye on the V-S website all the time, just to see what's making its way out. Some wonderful gems from the past pop up there all the time.
Hasufel -- Hells Bells! Thanks for that link!

Worth it for the finale music from "The Message" alone.

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45 minutes into the latest Signal podcast (#7) they have a minute and a half of The Message funeral music spliced together from the episode and the special features on the DVD with the dialog digitally suppressed. While not perfect, it really came out quite good.
I the interview with Greg Edmonson on the Signal 7 he says that Fox are working on a Firefly Soundtrack that will be on CD or available to download. Personally I hope they go with the CD option and that Fox stops dragging their feet.
Thanks for the link, Hasufel, I started drooling as I scrolled down the list. Of course, now I'll be at my computer for hours tonight... although actually thats no different than normal...
Originally the Angel score/soundtrack was going to be purchase download-only in North America, but later they released it on CD. Dunno if their change of heart was mostly due to fan mail or low sales of the downloadable version, but maybe we can make the same thing happen by refusing to buy their download and encouraging a CD if they decide to go for the internet-only option with Firefly.

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