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August 17 2005

Mysterious Skin praised by Australian Critics. Controversial movie, co-starring Michelle Trachtenberg was reviewed this evening on the ABC in the critics show 'At the Movies'.

This link is to Margaret Pomeranz's written review, and contains interviews by the film's director; and the two young stars of the film.

"I do believe the film has the potential to inform, heal and possibly transform." - Margaret Pomeranz.

The televison broadcast was a rather detailed and very positive review. Gregg Araki's interview, describes the feeling on the set during filming and wrapping up.

I was really looking forward to seeing this movie before, but now even more so. I very much respect these reviewers, and enjoy thier show quite a bit.
The movie itself; they believe is a very moving piece. It's a subject they say should be discussed; and in no way shows any kind of graphic scenes of abuse, they are spoken about, but not shown.
I think I will have to view this film with the same trepidation as I would view 'The Body'.
i haven't seen the lead actors before (other than Michelle of course) but the girl who plays Chloe in 24 is in it, and I also saw in those At THe Movies clips Chris Mulkey who played Hank Jennings in Twin Peaks - what a great cast... check out Araki's other films like Doom Generation and Living End, they are pretty freaky, and this seems to show how much he's matured as a director that he can tackle such a confronting topic with such restraint and subtlety, coz those older films sure ain't.
Doom Generation and The Living End are pretty great films, but yes, they aren't subtle. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing, though.

Also can't believe you haven't seen Joseph Gordon-Levitt before. You didn't see "10 Things I Hate About You" or "3rd Rock from the Sun"? He even had a small part in "A River Runs Through It". He was also very moving in "Sweet Jane". However, his best role (prior to Mysterious Skin) was in "Latter Days".
Wasn't he on "Roseanne" also?
yep, plus episodes of Family Ties, Dark Shadows and Numb3rs amongst others... IMDB link
There is also a review of the film in The Age today (reg may be reqd) to mark the release of the film here in Australia.

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