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August 17 2005

The Signal #7 is out. This week's interview with Greg Edmonson, who composed much of the music for Firefly.

Any interesting quotes? Some tags would be good too.
I'm not completely sold on "The Signal". It's very informative, and well done (I LOVE the intro thing) etc... but, from what I've heard of it, it sounds very, hmm, robotic? I don't know. It might just be because I'm so used to The Succubus Club, where the hosts, Kitty and Candy, had such great chemistry. To me, it sounds like they're reading from a script and I think the show would benefit heavily from some spontanaiety (sp?). JMO.
"The Signal" is pretty good, but remember that "Succubus Club" was live. You never knew what was going to be discussed. "The Signal" is edited, but still has some great bits on the show, including "How to speak Chinese". The show had an interesting piece on the "science" of the show, such as whether the ships can travel faster than light, and where all the planets are in relation to each other in the Firefly-verse.

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The Signal is currently #6 at Podcast Alley. I really enjoy it. The interview with Ron Glass last week was great.
adam-tvs: glad I am not the only one! I couldn't get past the overly dramatic-and-seemingly-scripted voices to even get through an entire podcast, it was too grating. I will try again since many of you speak so well of it.
The interview with Greg comes at 35 minutes in, and he is a joy to listen to. His enthusiasm for Firefly is undampened after all this time, and you can tell there is nothing even slightly pretentious about it. Regarding the hoped for Firefly soundtrack he says:

"Fox says that there is a soundtrack , either as downloadable-by-individual-pieces-thing in the works, or a CD. ... They assure me that something is in the works, so I just have to take that at face value and believe that, in fact, it is."

At 45 minutes in, at a break in the interview, they play a reconstruction of the funeral music from "The Message". It's spliced together from the show and the special features with the voice tracks digitally suppressed as best they can. It's not perfect, but they really did a very good job with what was available. It's a minute and a half clip and you're going to find you have something in your eye when you listen to it.
Thanks for the comments, good & bad. Kari & I (Les) do our host recordings unscripted, with only a list of topics to cover. The interviews are (of course) also completely ad-libbed. We are a chemist & software engineer by trade with no previous voice recording experience, just a fanatic devotion to Firefly. We try to do the best we can and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Episode #1 came out particularly rough. It was my first recording experience, plus it is really hard to banter when you are a solo host. I do think we've gotten better, so please give us another listen.

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I have to say I much prefer to listen to this than to the Succubus club, which I couldn't bear for more than 3 minutes. This is informative and thoughtful. Succubus was like overhearing a group of kids babbling on the bus and not in a good way.

PS. Les, you don't have to sign your posts.

I've changed the link to the more permanent one in their archives.

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