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August 17 2005

'Buffy' consorts colonizing other shows. Buffyverse alums are the subject of a "then and now" look at the characters they played and the characters they will be playing this coming season.

Always good to spread the word about the quality of the actors of the Whedonverse. Way off on Angel but the rest were pretty good. I'm really looking forward to their new shows...will try to somehow catch them all!
I love to have all this info in one list, will help me program my Tivo! But really, what was that description of Oz all about?
Salty's right, the list is definitely convenient, but also very annoying. This guy's probably never seen Buffy. Though Willow, Cordy, and Spike's descriptions were fitting, it was still obvious that this guy really hadn't any idea what the characters were like. Despite all that...still convenient.
The one that gave me pause was when he said Xander was charming to the ladies. What show was he watchin?
David Boreanaz

"Buffy" role: Angel, a lovelorn vampire who wanted a soul and finally got one.

Hmmm. And did he have blond hair?
Yeah, this guy knows nothing about the shows. No Buffy fan in their right mind would ever refer to Oz as "Daniel," even if it was the character's first name. Also, any article of this type worth its salt would mention Alexa Davalos, the infamous "lightning lass" Gwen Raiden, and her new show "Reunion" on FOX.

Of course, look for all FOX series featuring Whedon alums to be cancelled sometime around November, after having been pre-empted five weeks straight for the baseball playoffs, a new "exciting" (gag) reality show, and quite possibly infomercials. I'm just making an educated guess here.

EDIT: Just noticed that the article specifically referenced Buffy, and made no mention of Angel. Which is still no excuse for ignoring Alexa Davalos. =)

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Sooooo far off on Angel and the others were very strange descriptions. As Buff said, I don't think this person ever watched Buffy. But still, its good to get the word out to others who might never have watched. It's also possible that if people who never gave Buffyverse a chance because it was about vampires (and what sane person watches a show about vampires!), perhaps they'll fall in love with some of the actors and want to see more of them and be led to the Buffyverse.

As for no mention of Alexa, I think the guy was just writing about cast members, not guests who were only in a few episodes.
OK, I'm off in fog land somewhere and don't have cable or satellite or anything so current shows don't get my attention much, but doen't Amy Acker have a new show too? No mention?

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She was supposed to be in The Unit but got written out or something like that.
"David Boreanaz

"Buffy" role: Angel, a lovelorn vampire who wanted a soul and finally got one."

Yep Nebula1400, I noticed that one too. Wrong one mate. The Daniel thing threw me too. So the writer hasn't a clue then. Check. Just so we know.

AA's character was either dropped or recast, I'm not sure which. Shame, she a wonderful actress. It is puzzling how lesser actresses, imo, get leads in their own short lived shows and yet AA gets overlooked. *shakes head at casting peoples stupidity*
Celluloid wrote: "The one that gave me pause was when he said Xander was charming to the ladies. What show was he watchin? "

Perhaps the writer just forgot the word "demon" in front of the the word "ladies". Would have been more accurate then.

And methinks the writer was thinking about Spike when he/she wrote about Angel.

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