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August 18 2005

Whedonverse actors say cheese to promote their new Fall shows. New photos of Charisma, David, Nick, Seth and Christian at iFMagazine, taken at The Television Critics Association press tour.

Good to see all the old gang looking so fit and happy :)

What would have been great though, are photos of Amy and Alexis. It's sad that these talented people missed out this season.
oooh... charisma looks stunning
They have two pictures of Chrisma (who does look great) but none of Alyson? How is that fair? It is going to be fun checking out all the new shows this Fall.
Charisma is beautiful as always, I never tire of seeing her in any role, she absolutely stole the show in her third Charmed episode (the only one of the three that she had significant air-time). Still believe that she would be perfect for Wonder Woman!! As others have pointed out, the more exposure Whedonverse cast receive, the more folks' interest should be peaked regarding "Buffy" and "Angel". Now, after "Serenity" becomes a box-office smash...
I didn't know that Charisma had the possibility of becoming a regular?!?

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