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August 18 2005

(SPOILER) Herc report on Lost event, has some Whedon related goodies. Daniel Dae Kim on Justice League and Evangeline Lilly ponders on Wonder Woman (spoilers for season 2 of Lost btw).

Kim will play an non-asian character in Justice League. He join the already extensive list of whedon show actors, who's been there already.

Evanline Lily says she hasn't been approached about Wonder Woman, but might consider it. What bugs me when reporter ask some actress about this is the fact that both Joss and Joel Silver stated that they'll only start considering the cast after the script is finished. And we all know that Joss hasn't started writing it yet, or if had, only barely started writing it.

Asked if she would agree to play Wonder Woman if Joss Whedon asked, she smiled, raised an eyebrow and replied, “Yes. But no one has asked.”

And let's hope no one will...
MySerenity? I whole-heartedly agree. While she might have made a competent Lois Lane if given the chance (and is anyone else reeling by the fact that the new movie Lois is younger than the tv show's Lois...the actress' ages anyway), she is vehemently NOT Wonder Woman.
Nope, she's not WW. Not at all.
Well Emma, Brandon Routh is like 3 or 4 years younger than Tom Welling, and Bradon is supposed to be playing a Superman who's way older than Welling's Clark Kent.

I find that quite amusing.

I'll add a Spoiler tag to the title, due to several Lost spoilers in the link. Can a mod take out the edit thingies that'll appear. Thanks.
LMAO. I never realized that, Numfar, but you're right. That's, actually, really amusing....
"...Daniel Dae Kim will play a character on the upcoming season of “Justice League Unlimited.” He could not remember the character’s name, but confessed some excitement because it was his first non-Asian role..."

Gavin Park in Angel was an Asian role? Did he had an accent? I don't remember noticing that.
I don't think you have to have an accent to be Asian...Speaking in a perfect American dialect doesn't take away someone's ethnicity.
That's true. After all Park is a Korean surname.
Well, he had no accent and his first name was Gavin: I think we can assume the character was born and grown up in America. He could have had an Asian grandpa: I don't think this makes him an "Asian role". Of course if your face is the (beautiful) face of Daniel Dae Kim, you just have to have Asian ancestors...
I mean, Daniel himself has an Asian surname, though he's all american.

Guess we should agree first on what really is an "Asian role".

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