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"And working up a load of sexual tension and prancing away like a magnificent poof is truly thanks enough."
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January 31 2003

Vladimir Kulich (The Beast) interview at ScoopMe!. Ever wondered what he wears under that latex?

"This lead to a rant on Hollywood values.

“Everyone is so afraid to be an asshole. Everything has to be so perfect, perfect teeth, fake breasts, shiny hair…nothing is real. It’s like people are afraid of living a real life.” "

"Big Rubber Disco Satan". Bwah!
I've now got a disturbing image in my head of the Beast and Gwen singing 'Danger! High Voltage!' by Electric Six.
Off topic:

It just hit me how often the names "The Beast" and "The Chosen One" have been used in fiction. Yet now I automatically associate them with Joss Whedon creations.

Wasn't Glory also referred to as "The Beast" in the beginning of Season Five? Now there's a fight I'd like to see: Glory vs The Beast, winner gets to keep the name. :-)
Hey, maybe the The Beast is Glory, in her hellgod visage!

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