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August 18 2005

Article in the Sunday New York Times about FLW's Ennis House and others. Discusses the poor condition of several Frank Lloyd Wright houses around L.A., including Angel's mansion, the Ennis House (see middle of page 2). We'd discussed ways of saving it here several months ago; maybe we can help!

"The palatial Ennis House occupies a steep hillside in the Los Feliz neighborhood. Neglected by the trust that was responsible for maintaining it - scandalously, in the view of several people familiar with that now-defunct organization - the house continued to disintegrate years after receiving approval for a $3.1 million FEMA grant. It may be only a few heavy rains away from total collapse. The newly created Ennis House Foundation hopes to begin a rescue effort this fall - if it can raise the money."

Thanks for posting, Gaudior. That's a heartbreak. So much of California seems in danger of sliding down a hill, but a Wright masterpiece? Uggh. Devastating. But what's to be done when topography won't be denied?

Still, a horrified friend recently sent me a glossy ten page magazine spread covering Oprah's 'Legends Ball' and the millions it cost to throw this self-aggrandizing, self-absorbed event masquerading as a tribute to others...I see that, and I see this... and I shake my head, sadly.
"But what's to be done when topography won't be denied?"

Heh heh, that's great! Maybe we should send the article about Ennis House to Oprah!

Yeah, I was pretty sickened by her over-the-top "tribute" pahty. I used to really like her. Good for her, I'd say. Worked her ass off to get where she is now, and doing good works with her bottomless pit bank account.

Now, not so much. I got turned off because every time I would tune into her show, she was always saying things like: "When I was at Quincy Jones' house the other night"...or "While I was lunching with Maya Angelou the other day..." ...bleah. Name droppers are so insecure. To add insult to injury, she would try and somehow make her statement relevant to the homeless mother, or the kid who didn't have a face, sitting in the guest chair.

Thanks for posting this update, Gaudior. I hope the new foundation can find the funds -- and proper management -- to save the house. But, you're right about the topography.

About Oprah? No real comment to add. My sentiments echo Willowy's.

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