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August 18 2005

Los Angeles Serenity screening as a thank you to those who have been helping shoot fan testimonials about Serenity. About a 100 or so additional seats are available (see link - req required).

Only 43 made it to the testimonials? Well, I'm actually not surprised, because it wasn't that well advertised, in my opinion. Still, 43 was probably more than enough for some good soundbites.

Now the hubby and I wait in line for hours with the strong possibility we're not there remotely early enough?? Or will they just let you know the line is capped once you get there? That would be nice of them...

Ah well, that'll learn me not to overcome my paralyzing fear of public speaking to at least hide behind my more verbose hubby to giggle and smile...

What time does the movie start, anyone know?

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BTW, if no one noticed, Joss posted in response over there:

What up? I can't go to the press screening -- but if I'd known I'd get 400 points I totally would have done a testimonial! Gyp! Man, heads are gonna roll at Universal. Do you know how many quizzes I've failed? (Sadly, this is true -- including ones about scenes I wrote.) I NEED those, points, man, and I could've done a rippin' testi! (Hmmm. Don't think that phrase is gonna catch on.) But I'm, like the biggest fan of the movie! I even have sentimental attatchments to the weak-ass parts (there are two)! (Well, 1 and 3/4.) If I knew how to attach a little face-y icon, I'd totally be doing it right now, and it'd be MIFFED.

But for those of you who did show, my thanks. I hate you for your 400 points, but I love you for your love.

The Quiz-we-do-not-award-you-the-rank-of-Master, -j.

Sadly, I'm sure somebody will take Joss serious and Fillion (that's now a verb) Universal's arse for joss points.

A few days till Edinburgh. I've even got UIP to track down a chip shop that does fried mars bars by the hotel.
Thanks Rogue Slayer. I had looked at it before and probably wouldn't have gone back to that thread.
People have been complaining about the lack of an official American press screening. This seems like Universal responding to that. It seems like a good idea, having it coincide with the what is essentially the European press screening (the EIFF). I hope the press responds enthusiastically.
I didn't even realize that was Joss talking about the press screening next Tuesday...which I can't attend because it's too far away and on a work night. Now that I do, it was pretty funny. Well, it's interesting they're squeezing in a press screening in L-A while it's being run in Scotland and the UK.
Hmmmm points. Can I donate my points to Joss? Being an international poster I can't actually do anything with them. And for some reason I've accumulated 3615 points for doing bugger all. It means he'll be half way there to getting a tshirt.
I have 1050 points by doing bugger all...
You have 3615 points? I have 725. 725

I just asked if the Variety ad would give me enough points for the guest list.
I only have 65 points. I don't even think that gets me a paper clip.
Points. Shmoints. Why doesn't that site keep me logged in, ffs?

They tried to add auto log in to that site, but failed.

I'm not really fond of the Fanpimp software used there.
Ooh, a race to the bottom. I like. I have 690 points. Mind you, I think I've had 690 points for three years now. And that still puts me in a whopping 16998th place!

Would have loved to make it to the testimonials, screening, etc. but there's like work and stuff to do around here . . . rats.
Why doesn't that site keep me logged in, ffs?

With 1000 points, you get a cookie.
Maybe we can pool our points together and get a Firefly pen. We gave them our hearts, they can at least give us a pen (to share).
With 1000 points, you get a cookie.

Internet humor.

Maybe you can put something up at that links back to the serenity site. Click here for a romantic date with Tim Minear!

Something like that.
I have 865 points. I actually haven't even thought about what it all means,

Fillion (that's now a verb)

I love it!
points: 4260 rank: 406

Yeah, but you're spooky.

When I saw 'romantic date with Tim Minear', I immediately had flashbacks to the Clare Fisher & Ted the lawyer dinner date in SFU.
The thing that pisses me off: you get points for designing banners.

The site says the banners are there for LiveJournal, forums etc.

Fair enough.

Goto the banner page. Try to save any of them people have designed. Oh, you can't, as they've disabled saving them. So, why are they there?

Bloody software!
I was beginning to think that they gave out 1000 points every so often just for being signed up, because I suddenly had 1000 extra points one day and I didn't know why. That doesn't work with SNT having 690 points forever though. Of course if everyone on this thread who has identified how many points they had, were able to add them together, we still would not have enough to get a T-shirt. (Edited because it took me so long to write this it is no longer true.)

Seems like they should get some major points-making things out there for folks and t-shirts in stock in the next few weeks so that people could get a shirt to wear in order to help market this movie somewhere other than on the internet!

Sorry, that jst slipped out. I'm better now.

1975 points 2159th place

Do I get a cookie and keep the 1000 points? I really would like a t-shirt.

[ edited by newcj on 2005-08-19 01:12 ]
It makes me think of Wonderfalls, right down to the emergency tracheotomy with a bic.

Given that association, I don't know how many takers I'd get.
The problem is, if they gave everybody with 1975 points or above a shirt, that'd be 2159 shirts, which ain't too cheap.

Having said that, if they'd sold shirts they would have made a lot of money and got free promo.

It's a bit of a shame, as in theory they have this great fan marketing site, but the reality is the banners haven't been used as you can't actually use them, and the shirts require so many points most people can't be arsed designing the banners nobody can actually use.
Huh. I've been autologged in there for days. If it works like other sites, I'll be logged in 'til I delete cookies.
But, lest this be seen as criticism (heaven forfend!), I will add that I have done absolutely bugger-all in terms of designing banners, t-shirts, staffing tables, washing dishes, sending flowers, et al, so I richly deserve the paltry 690 points I do have.

OTOH, what did that geezer who has 34000 points do to get them? Write the movie already?
I can see what this is all leading to:

Point auctions on E-bay.
You can get points if people "click through" your site to the official movie site. and such link to the movie site, so the people with the most points have nearly always got them from link throughs. A few people have got Serenity links onto Slashdot and got a lot of points from that.
You don't get to keep points after you buy your cookie or whatever, and your ranking falls. So I bet very few people are spending their points.
I am the #1 fan boy evah.
I have 3510 points. I want a shirt and maybe I'll get one before I graduate college in forever :)
I just checked, according to the site they have two t-shirts left, both size L. Though they do have 22 hats (10,000 points) and 25 posters (15000 points) both not pictured and labeled coming soon.

Let's see, I joined the crew challenge and sent in a testimonial, so I guess I should almost double my points. That way I'll be almost half way to a t-shirt...that are out-of stock. Gee, I'm like doing stuff to get points on purpose. Did aliens steal me and leave a clever but flawed copy in my place?
Well, according to the PTB at the official site, they WILL be coming out with new items to purchase with points. See recently posted "poll" asking fans what they would be interested in (under News; thread entitled "Serenity Promo Items?"). Yes, these points accumulated at the sweat of our... mouse... will be useful... one day! ;-)
Well, thanks to, I have plenty of shirts to wear to Serenity showings. As for points, Let's just say I'm in the top 1000 somewhere, but I can't get a hat.
I'm a guilty point whore.
paul_rocks points: 840 rank: 8129
Not sure what I did to get my points since I've been a member for quite a while and memory isn't what it used to be. I did introduce a new member and didn't get my points for that though, would've been miffed if the points meant anything to us UK types.
There can't be that many people with a lot of them. I'm in position 329 and have only 4630 - mostly from the poll, trivia visiting the AV room and reading the team messages. I've also done a couple of challenges that did not require artistic talent or computer skills.
You're 10 points ahead of me, SNT. I have 680. Of course, I'm not sure what I ever did to get those beyond logging in. I've never really been a gold-star, work-for-points kinda' gal.... And given how far beyond my reach even a t-shirt would be, hard to see the point of trying. :-)
gossi: huh? I've never had any problem downloading any of the banners/icons from the Universal Board. Plus I guess you're supposed to just hotlink to them, based on the code below them.

ETA: Oops, n/m. Just tried the site in Firefox. Huh. That's pretty stupid.

[ edited by KernelM on 2005-08-19 06:04 ]
Me, too, purplehazel: 3800 or so points and ranked 600 or so. I made the point (heh, heh) several times in posts to TPTB at the Serenity movie site that fans ought to be able to buy shirts with a combo of points and dollars, or just dollars. Hundreds of others also begged for this set-up. (Not that it was my idea in the first place, let's make this clear . . .) My paltry sum of points despite being ahead of like 48,000 other members will get me nothing -- this century anyway.

And, now that I'm on a roll, time's a wastin' and there's nothing on the site we can wear, ink on, stick on or pierce with to promo the BDFOAT (best damn film of all time).

Only six weeks to go Universal!
Plus I guess you're supposed to just hotlink to them

huzzuh? Why would anyone encourage bandwidth theft?
Hyeah! What's up with that? Where's our viral/guerilla/underground -yet not- promo material, Big U?

Give it, we will spread!

Augh. ETA: my post was to Drifter.

[ edited by Willowy on 2005-08-19 06:20 ]
Why would anyone encourage bandwidth theft?

Well, it's not theft if you're told to use this code. But this is often how online "street teaming" works. This way, you can get stats of how many people are seeing your image, where they're seeing it, if they're clicking it. Also, if you want to update the banner, you can simply upload a new image and *poof* everyone who has that banner on their site is automatically updated. I think Fanscape started the trend. Others have since followed.
points: 3550 rank: 593

Being an international poster, I have no use for the points. Joss is more than welcome to take them (though I think my crew-mates would strangle me). ;)
Being an international poster, I have no use for the points.

This always annoyed the hell out of me. When you have an international fanbase donít exclude people who donít live in the States automatically without any explanation. Itís so rude.

At least apologise and put an explanation on the site.

Sorry, not really worth getting upset about and entirely Universalís fault, but one of these little things that gets me disproportionately upset. (Insert stern disapproving schoolmarmish look) being polite doesnít cost a thing and makes all the difference.
I can answer the international thing. The site is ONLY meant to cater for US and Canada people, not international. This includes screening information, points yadada.

It's up to the international distributors (as in, UIP) to set up sites to cater for local fans. Thats why I set up - this hadn't been done in the UK, so I did it myself.

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