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August 18 2005

Serenity Amsterdam premiere details at official Dutch forum. Tuesday, 6th of September, with several members of the cast (names not yet confirmed). Pathe de Munt theater in Amsterdam. Thanks to Thom.

Excellent! Finally there's something going on in my town.
If anybody is wondering, the theatre name comes from somebody who has emailed me the details. It's a reliable source, though. They're hoping to secure the full cast.
Too bad it's not Tuschinski. Pathé de Munt is a little pedestrian. (They're located almost on top of each other.)
*Dances the dance of joy* Still wish we could also get a german premiere... but well.. i´ll definetley going to this .. ;)
Caroline - the person who emailed me works at Pathé de Munt so play nice ;)
Caroline, Joss must have told them how fast you got the site back up. ;-)
Ah well, Pathé owns both theaters. Tuschinski is old, De Munt is modern.

I hope I can go, or else hover outside and watch the red carpet and snap pictures. If any... and, um, not a lot of space for it either! Talent, beware, raging incoming bicycles and cars.
It's a very good time to be Dutch, yes. First the pre-screening this Saturday (waves at Caroline and Kessie), and then this. I knew that a premiere with BDHs was in the works for some time already, but it was never 100% sure. But now that UIP Netherlands has decided to 'out' the news, I actually still can't believe that it's going to be happening. I am so looking forward to it!

Between the pre-screening, this premiere, our shindig and a meeting of a dutch sci-fi and fantasy newsgroup I frequent, I already have my first four Serenity viewings planned. Ofcourse, I'm gonna see it way more than that, but still.
Pathe de Munt is a little pedestrian.

If you think about it, so was Buffy: a little over 5 feet, walked or ran everywhere. Sorry, couldn't help myself.

On a serious note, Caroline I really hope you get to go. You deserve it.

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so was Buffy: a little over 5 feet, walked or ran everywhere

Ah, jlv, you're on a roll - that was pure comedy.

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