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August 18 2005

When Fandom Closes Up Shop. Commentary discussing the end of the Angel magazine and some of the features in the last issue.

The person who wrote that article obviously wasn't paying attention, as for many months the merger of the two mags Btvs and Ats has been plastered across both of them.

I am still uncomfortable about the title of the merged mag, Btvs incorporating Ats. Grrr. That said there seems to be, in the two issues since the merger, a pretty equal share between the shows.
lynnie, I've never gotten one but am really interested in checking out the Serenity mag. Do you think it's worth it?
April I've never had the chance to watch Firefly, don't have Sky, so I've never bought one of those mags. Can't hurt I suppose.
Yeah, the author should have done a little more research on that one.
So there's now one all-encompassing Buffyverse mag? Sounds like a good idea to me.

The shows are very different, but they both live in the same world.

If only they could find a way to include Firefly...
kipron, this last Buffy mag they included an announcement (sidebar, full length) about the FF comics. So looks like it may just be a matter of time.
Buffy, Angel, Firefly, whatever -- put 'em all together and it sounds like nothing but good to me. With the way things are moving, a Whedonverse mag might actually be the logical next step. Considering that Joss is involved with so many projects different on a more-or-less continual basis, it looks like he could keep a dead-tree publication in print for years to come.

Not to mention that, with a word in the right ear(s), such a mag could very easily have its own online bureau of insanely dedicated cub reporters, delivering up-to-the-second breaking news from around the world... ;)

(Of course I realize that the various financial and corporate interests behind each separate project will want to keep their ancillary products individualized to maximize profitability, but a geek can dream, right?)

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I'm sure it's been posted before, but you can get a preview of the Serenity magazine from Titan by clicking here. I looked up a few preview links from a couple months ago, but some have been taken down.
Even when there was just Buffy magazine, it incorporated Buffy and Angel, and there was news, interviews and reviews of both shows. There was also a small amount of Firefly news.

I think Firefly would make a great magazine, but to be honest I'm not sure they could sustain it based on one half season and a film, unless we do see the series recommissioned or something. But I do think that it is a shame that we won't get a lot of interviews with the cast, crew, guest stars, writers, composer, and special effects crew, which we could have had if the show hadn't been cancelled.

I agree that they should call the new integrated Buffy/Angel magazine just that, rather than Buffy "incorporating" Angel, I assume that is just a temporary notice and hopefully the name will be amended, if we write to them to let them know.

Does anyone know the differences between the UK and US versions of the magazines? I have every issue of Buffy and Angel magazine, the UK editions, and I've noticed that the cover for one of the recent issues with Michelle Tractenberg seemed to be the same as the US cover. What are the differences, or have the magazines been the same all along?

I certainly rememeber the last issue of Angel magazine did have quite a farewell, with a lot of celebration and special features on it ending.

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