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August 18 2005

Watch with Kristin - James Marsters Chat. About a Spike movie: " I just got off the phone with someone who talked to Joss [Whedon] yesterday, who claimed that it was very much on the front burner. "

"Joss has never told me anything like that. He's checked with me twice, to see if I was interested. I said yes twice, and both times he's been very clear that this doesn't mean that anything's going forward, [he] just wants to have [his] ducks in a row. What he told me was, the first question to answer is if there's a story worth telling. I thought there would be a lot of stories worth telling for Spike, but I think it has to be a story that he feels is worth telling, one that excites him enough. And I think if he finds it, there will be a Spike movie, and if he doesn't, there probably won't and there probably shouldn't be."

Kids? Did he say ‘kids’? I knew he had a son, but that’s singular. Someone fill me in, please!

Meanwhile, it will be so nice to see James on TV again - missed him mightily! Here’s hoping Smallville does, indeed, create an ‘immaculate reality’ that beats the verisimilitude of reality shows... do reality shows really create verisimilitude?

Of course, I’ll take fantasy over reality any day, especially if Joss is behind it, and definitely if it includes James, like say, a Spike movie. I continue to dream...
Good gawd. Smallville? Whatever. Get paid, James, and then GET OUT.

No. Just frickin' NO.

I'm sorry, but is this what our actors are doing now? This?

How hard can I say NO!
"I'm sorry, but is this what our actors are doing now? This?"

No..most have new shows coming out.
I tend to think JM knows what he is doing. He has indicated he knows he has a tricky situation to deal with. It is actually a lot trickier than the other actors for quite a few reasons. He made a name as a blonde English vampire who some people perceive as being nothing more than a pretty face/body. He needs to expand his visibility and establish himself as a brown haired American character actor...who happens to have a pretty face/body. ;-)

He has said he has put certain geographic restrictions on what he is willing to do because of family obligations. If a show offers him a juicy role where he has brown hair, and American accent, has a chance to shine as an actor and it meets his needs in regards to his family, it makes sense to do it. Some fans may not like his choices, but you work with what you have and build on it. If Smallville gets him a step closer to where he wants to go, I say more power to him. Most actors' careers are not magic, they are hard work, tough choices and making the most of what they have to work with.

And just an observation, but it has been only a year since Angel ended. Unfortunately DB is the only regular from Angel who will be starting a new show. Everyone else is from Buffy, and has had 2 years to do other stuff before committing to a new show...

Showgirl, When they talk about his kids they are including his niece.
Ah dear old Kristin. She knows how to hype and hype in such a misleading way too. The fans' excitement over that headline "Joss talked to James about a Spike movie" is now a huge anticlimax.

The movie is at a far earlier stage than I thought. And to be honest after reading what James said, I don't think it's going to happen. Which is a shame really.
One thing I have always appreciated about our beloved 'verse is that I've never felt like a consumer. Not that I am blind to reality (as I steal a glance at my DVD collection), but not one episode has felt like a sales pitch for anything but a good story. As such, I have no doubt that a Spike movie, if made, would be great. I do wonder which familiar faces, if any, would join Spike.

I don't mind James doing Smallville. Granted, it's not high art by most standards, but I try not to expect actors to maintain some mythic resume—they need to have fun and make money just like the rest of us.
And let us not forget that Smallville got rather higher viewing figures than Buffy or Angel and has a huge on line fan base . As an actor you have to get yourself seen. And it sounds as if the money is pretty decent too.

Plus James loves comic books so this role will be a lot of fun for him .

To reply to Willowy and Charisma, in the last year James has done a guest spot , a TV film, an audio book, an album and a sell out tour in addition to auditioning for roles and doing some conventions . He's also turned down roles in various things ( Point Pleasant). It's actually a pretty busy schedule.

He seems to be doing exactly what he said he'd do which was to spend a couple of years re-establishing himself post Spike .

I think James has a long and fulfilling career as a character actor ahead of him.

I like his pragmatism on the Spike movie too, if it happens he's up for it, if it doesn't then fair enough.

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Ah dear old Kristin. She knows how to hype and hype in such a misleading way too. The fans' excitement over that headline "Joss talked to James about a Spike movie" is now a huge anticlimax.

Too true! But I figured this was Kristen we were talking about and then on top of that, since no other gossip columnist mentioned anything about it, I figured it would be anticlimatic from the moment Kristen mentioned her James interview. If only my cousin had listened to me, she wouldn't be disapointed right now. She would have got that out the way a week ago. :)

Nice interview though. And I agree, if Smallville gets James more work, then hey, more power to him. He's gotta feed the kids and all.
I'm glad someone finally mentioned how intelligent James is rather than just obsessively comment on his "hot bod". I just have to laugh every time James says words like "myopically". It's so endearing, not to mention a major turn on.

I'm very glad I read this. it's about time there was another James interview. I'm glad it looks like things are going well for him.
That was a fun interview. Things are certainly going well for him, especially compared to some actors who appear to be struggling post-Buffy.

He does come across as having a plan for his career and sticking to it. Well done him, getting known in genre outside his Spike role seems like an excellent move.

I love the 'smashing reality shows' comments. He's so right - I'd rather have Smallvilles reality any day!

Verisimilitude, my junky bottom ;-)
I just thank god they won't make a Spike 'movie' for the sake of it. One of the biggest problems I had with season 7 of Buffy is that Spike often appeared to be there, well, for the sake of it. He had little plot after the first few episodes. Eye candy.
Well I would heartily and respectfuly disagree with you on that opinion Gossi

He did after all cope with madness, adjust to having a soul , help Buffy find her place again, resist The First, train the Slayerettes , find out about Caleb and.. oh yeah save the frikkin world!
All in all pretty damn pivotal to the plot .

Eye candy indeed my junky bottom ( sorry, couldn't resist it!)

As to the film, if Joss is on board it will be great
If Joss doesn't think it will be great it won't happen and I'm OK with that. Cos I trust Joss.

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I'm with you Debw....I think that Spike in S7 Buffy and then again in S5 Angel was far from eye candy. He was intregal to the story of both characters and I think his journey alone was well worth every second they spent on it. Spike is a very complex character and his story actually MOVED me. At the end of both shows I was far more interested in what had happened to him....a lot of the other characters left me flat or extrememly dissappointed.

So do I think there is more to tell??? Yes I do...and if Joss does too...then fine. James has already said that he will not buy into a script that doesn't further Spike's story...and I think if Joss does want to do this he will assemble a cast and crew of writers to do it justice....or he won't do it at all. It just comes down to him having I can accept that it may take a while, and if it doesn't happen...then so be it. But if Joss doesn't do a Spike film...I seriously doubt he will do any films from the Verse at all...Big Screen or TV.

As for James on Smallville..I hope it all goes very well for him. It may not be the role I wanted to see, but I can get into it. As for some of the other actors getting 'new' shows of their tenuous is that? They could be cancelled after 5 I don't think thats any indication that they have made any greater strides than James has. It's all a crap shoot...and Hollyweird is a mean place. I wish them all luck...but a 'new' show is no more a guarantee of long term employment than several episodes on an established show. In the end it all comes down to them doing a job and trying to make a living.

That said...I am just happy to see James back on TV again, and I hope this is just the beginning for him......
As for James' post-Buffy work, I gotta throw in my two cents: I watched him on The Mountain! What an awful show! It sure did open my eyes to his acting range. He played his part so well and convincingly, imho. From Spike to drunk old dad. I was so hoping he could help salvage Point Pleasant. Smallville is lightyears ahead of those shows, so his new role there is fine with me.

It's got to be hard finding tv work these days, with non-verisimilitude reality in the way (although I'd put 15% of them in the "meh" category as opposed to "totally sucks"). I imagine many other shows would rather launch careers for fresh hot faces instead of hiring talent. That is what some shows do, right?
Oh, I totally agree about The Mountain, he was very convincing and edgy. Again, it's all about getting known outside of his Spike role and the roles he has chosen so far all appear to be working towards that end.

Plus, he's said before that he is a huge comics geek. It's just a brilliant combination, from my POV.

I didn't watch Point Pleasant, but I think they were hoping he couldrescue it, too. Nice to know he's in demand, but also nice to know that James can turn down work he feels is inappropriate for him.

What a wonderful position for any actor to be in.
Smallville's now on Thursdays at 8 p.m., up against Joey, Survivor and Alias.

Isn't it also up against The O.C. because if it is, the popularity of that show will also be stealing some serious thunder from Smallville.
Well it has the best form of defence in a great cast line-up and some decent writers.

I'm not altogether sure that ratings truly reflect the quality of a show - my experience with the Whedonverse tells me differently ;-)
No..most have new shows coming out.

Unfortunately, no, most of them don't.

The movie is at a far earlier stage than I thought.

As far as I could tell, it never got any further than talking about it and checking on who's available. I still hope it happens though.

Kids? Did he say ‘kids’?

He takes care of his niece too.
"Verisimilitude, my junky bottom."

Ah, words to live by. :0)

I really enjoyed this interview, thank you for the link Nebula1400. He does come across as very grounded, intellegent and self-deprecating, all of which is wonderfully refreshing in this business.

I loved how he said he was being seduced by the producer to be on the show. Seems like he didn't audition for this part and that they approached him. Despite what anyone might think of the show, that fact is darned impressive I think you'd have to admit.

"I'm contracted for six to 10, so I hope it's 10. If I suck, it'll be six. I guess if I really suck, it'll be one. Like, "Wow, he died in the first episode?!""

What a charming comment. He is so not the diva. :0)

As to his comments about a Spike movie, yes it's not anything new, he's given JW a timescale and Joss has confirmed that until that elapses JM is interested. I agree with JM that Spike has a lot of story left in him, and I also agree that if JW doesn't have a story for Spike in him then it should not be done. These comments aren't either negative or positive about the prospect of a future movie. Sensible, pragmatic and very grounded.

This was a fun interview with a happy, relaxed sounding JM. And I've learned a new word too! LOL! :0)
Thanks for the info, newcj. I do remember James talking about his niece, but I didn’t put it all together.

Ubqtous and debw, you make some very good points - actors gotta act, have fun, and make some money. It’s a bit unrealistic for fans to assume that actors will only accept roles in high quality shows, particularly if the benchmark for evaluating that quality has been established by Joss’ productions! James’ performances on ‘The Mountain’ and in ‘Cool Money’ were pitch perfect, and very non-Spike, non-William. They were ideal venues to showcase his acting and I’m confident that his ‘Smallville’ role will do the same.
I understand some of the criticism concerning Kristen, but she’s a major fan of all things Whedon and promotes the careers of Whedonverse actors. Also, it’s her job to be a bit over the top in how she hypes her interviews, after all, she’s in the business of entertainment news, not world news, so she tries to be entertaining. Therefore, I read her column with a smile and I’m never disappointed.
How many times has Kristen run this subject across our radar? I rest my case.
The Spike Movie update was just that. She didn't say there was going to be one, she just asked JM in the course of other subjects what the latest sitch was.

That seems fair enough to me. I'd be rather surprised if it hadn't come up, she is a loyal Whedon promoter.

James Marsters' career seems to be going on fine without Spike so far - he doesn't have to do a movie to keep the wolf from the door, it seems. It's nice to see someone being positive about their Buffyverse experiences.

Although it's nicer to see a happy, successful Whedonverse Alum story. It always makes me smile when one of them does so well.
Spike had a big arcline in S7, but he got also way too many unnecessary scenes. Taking away very necessary screentime from both fleshing out the show's plots and other characters' arclines. His arcline was also way too much centred around Buffy; shorting screentime away from Buffy and Spike with others.
I also don't see his arcline as pivotal. He was a complete outsider of what was going on between Buffy and the rest of the gang and the season was also not really about defeating the enemy.

In AS5 he was more a part of the group, but still an outsider. His only real connection was with Angel. He got something with Fred in the beginning but that ended as soon as Fred/Wes started.
I can't agree with you that Spike was a "complete outsider" in Buffy. If anything, it seemed that AS5 what when he didn't belong. Besides bickering with Angel, his role in the show was not pivitol for me. Now, Spike is one of my favorite characters and I of course loved him on Angel, but I think that Spike in BtVS was extrodinarily important. To say that his arcline was too big is to say that Angel had too much storyline in season 2. I think that Spike was very much apart of the group, especially in Season 5 for instance. In season 6 there was a clear defined line with Buffy and Spike and Buffy and the rest of the gang. However, by the end of season 7 I believe he was accepted as part of the group. As far as the "not about defeating the enemy" comment, like season 6, the season 7 was not based on a single evil force. In season 6, it was about facing the real demons in the real world. In season 7, it's about power. While 7 is not my favorite season, it is a great closing season for the reason that the main theme is power. It goes into the origins of the slayer's powers, how the slayer came to be, and about changing destiny. The first had the control and like the finale of Angel, the finale of Buffy was about taking the power away from evil and getting back the power to choose.
Spike's redemption and Buffy's finding the 'fire ' again...were inter-locked. The stories of the others really were going no where after S6...Willow got a free trip to England to escape criminal charges....Dawn just got boring...Xander didn't seem to figure in anywhere after he left Anya at the alter. But I don't think it was Spike's story that took away from theirs. His was interesting and theirs quite frankly IMO were not. Spike's redemption arc and his sacrifice were needed to end the story so Buffy would get her chance to share her power with the Potentials and then have the chance to have a normal life.
Honestly...I didn't think there was much left to tell about Xan, Willow or Dawn...maybe even Giles. But I did think Spike getting his soul was HUGE and his story still had somewhere to go. Still does IMO and I hope Joss someday soon will see that....
The stories were overall about Buffy in BTVS and Angel in ATS. All other characters were there to serve those stories. IMO Buffy and Angel were their own journeys that were partially involved with their relationships with everyone else in the group, but certainly not defined by them. It makes sense that Spike's interaction was almost totally with the main characters and that many people thought he was important to the development on each show. He was a character that was used as a catalyst to make the lead character think about him or herself in ways they may not have before. Any stories about any of the other characters, including Spike, were secondary to the main character's story.
"We will smash them with fiction. We will cream them with metaphor. Verisimilitude, my junky bottom. [Laughs.] We're creating an immaculate reality that beats reality any day."

A person would have to be a real Grinch with a heart two sizes too small not to like this guy. Somehow his enthusiasm always manages to translate into the printed word and if “Smallville” is making him happy and he’s excited about it and who he’s working for, then I’m happy for him. He seems to be in that land of myth and legend the 'really good place right now', the lucky dog. I am relieved that he is on an established show instead of something else that risks being cancelled after three episodes so maybe he will be able to attract more attention that could lead to other offers. It’s a supporting role in a slightly under the radar show which I think is a much smarter move than demanding or holding out for a starring role in something that might never happen (I’m not talking about a possible Spike movie). Birds gotta fly, fish gotta swim and actors gotta act. The character sounds interesting and if he has fun with it, that will no doubt show up on screen and maybe breathe some life into a show that, from the few episodes I’ve seen, bored me to an amazing extent. Good luck brown-haired American accented James!
I'll say there is still hope for a Spike Tv flick.....

What what will I watch Alias or Smalville??
I wonder who James was talking to on the phone who said that a Spike movie was on the front burner? From my perspective and apparently from James' as well, it seemed to be very much on the back burner. It would be nice if they were right.
I hope it was someone who is in the know.....but I really think that it will take time for Joss to get involved in anything right now. Serenity is taking all his time, and if it does well...I assume there will be sequels and what not. Still I hope Joss will remember the fandom that got him where he is today, and some of the greatest characters ever to grace the TV screen. I still have hope.

And as for James being a wonderful guy...I agree Bloodflowers. I just hope that all the enthusiasm James has translates to his role on SM and he does a fantastic job. It may be a show thats under the radar of main stream veiwing, but it will get him out there, and if he enjoys being Brainiac half as much as he enjoys being should be something to watch.
I think SV will be a great gig for JM. The show has a huge internet fandom, plus because of the genre JM will once again be regularly popping up in SciFi mags, which will probably garner him more pub than any of the other BtVS alumni.

Also, SV is a part of the wider Superman franchise which has a super-huge devoted audience and now he will always be a part of that dynasty.
"Unfortunately, no, most of them don't. "

killinj- There's David, Alyson, Nick, ASH, Davalos, Daniel Dae Kim, Brigid Brannagh, C Kane, and CC is guest starring, the rest aren't in tv shows, if that's why you disagree with me but SMG, Andy Hallett, Densiof, Charisma, Emma Caulfield, J.AR, Acker, Strong, and many of the others are doing movies which is what they want to do. I'd say they are very fortunate.
Just a quick word on Kristen. It is her job to hype the story, and she can be fooled just like anyone else. Besides, it's a prime example of "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." If we keep falling for it, over and over, who's to blame but ourselves?
Also, SV is a part of the wider Superman franchise which has a super-huge devoted audience and now he will always be a part of that dynasty.

Which is what makes this such a brilliant move for him. A lot of people watch Smallville who never watched Buffy or Angel, so he's reaching another established fan base. He's going to find an even bigger following in doing this, which will lead to more work and a better bargaining position.
Charisma, with all due respect, you said most of them have new shows coming out. They don't. Your list isn't *most* of them. Your list isn't even all *new* shows. You include CC's guest spot to support your position, but earlier gave a one liner in response to a comment about James' guest spot that frankly came across as a dis - as if he wasn't among the fortunate ones.
Just checking the list Have I missed something? Has Alexis been cast in something?

* fingers toes and elbows crossed * that he has ,because in my opinion he is one of the best actors on any Whedonverse show and I'm really hoping to see him in something soon!

Also what is Andy Hallet's new gig? He's another hugely talented actor who I'm hoping to see do very well for himself.

Daniel Dae kim is doing great! "Lost" is an amazing show and a huge ratings hit.

It was a huge shame that Amy's role was recast , just goes to prove something not terribly complimentary about whoever made
* that* decision.

SMG and David are both busy and David's new show looks well worth a watch , though I confess I haven't seen his films yet.

J. August Richards got great reviews for a stage show recently

But the one I'm most pleased for is Nick Brendon, Kitchen Confidential looks like a lot of fun and it was a real * woot* moment to hear he's been cast , it felt like a long time since I'd seen him on Buffy .

In short I'm delighted that so many of the Buffy Alums are doing so well, they are an astonishingly talented group of people and I wish all of them the very best . It's going to take a * lot* of video tapes to keep up with all their projects.
I think people quite often overestimate the options that are open to James Marsters. He is pretty much unknown outwith the Buffy fanbase (which is a loyal yet still relatively small group) and he is at an age in Hollywood where the best he could hope for as a regular in a tv show would be as "the Dad" (not that there's anything wrong with that... but he's not going to get the leading roles). I also happen to think he looks his age. I think he looks good for his age, don't get me wrong. But he looks like a man in his mid-forties.
Newcj, I partly agree with you with Spike's influence on the main character. I was very disappointed with how they have used Spike to develop Angel's character and his own. And while it was better in BS7, I don't see how Spike's arc has influenced Buffy's. It was all about Spike.

Myserenity, maybe he was more of an outsider in Angel's show, but to me he was still an outsider in Buffy.

The biggest problem I have with Spike is that ever since they developed the Spike/Buffy arcline from S5 on, all characters that crossed is path had something against him. Riley, Buffy, Xander in S5/S6. Giles, Wood in S7 and then Angel. Xander had nothing against Spike anymore in S7 and thus was shoved into the background. The human vs vampire arc was dropped with it; an arcline from Xander that never had a proper closure. (An arcline that I was strongly interested in.)I just don't get it. It's like no-one can ever do something good when he's around.

Kathylovespike, I strongly disagree. Getting a soul is of course a huge device for an arc, but to say that you need to have something that heavy to get an arcline makes no sense to me. Especially Xander/Anya had a lot of potential, but after Never Leave Me it got dropped. I really don't see how Spike's redemption had any influence on Willow's empowerment spell.
Impossible, have you ever see JM in person? I don't think he looks anything like 43 up close or on camera. I do agree with you, however, that his options are not as numbered as many seem to believe.

Just curious...does anyone know if Alexis Denisof has worked a day since ATS went off the air?
I don't think it matters how old he looks - there are plenty of older male roles on tv worth having. The options for a 43 yr old talented actor with a strong fanbase are much higher than for an untalented 43 yr old nobody, after all ;-)

Oh I do hope Alexis gets work he wants soon. He's another very talented person who deserves a chance post-AtS.

Amy is another alum I'd watch in other things. As for James Marsters, well where he goes so goes my nation. My nation has a fair few citizens, I think ;-)
His options may not be as numbered as some would believe, or for that matter as limited as others might wish.

I for one am looking forward to seeing many of the new work the Btvs and Ats actors have on offer, especially NB and DB, and I wish them all well. Seems a pity it appears that some cannot extend the same to JM. *shrugs*

As to how he looks. As someone who was fortunate enough to meet him recently I'll just say damn good and nowhere near as old as he is. Why are people so age biased anyway. Youth does not equal talent.
Don't fret, guys and dolls. Patience is a virtue and something
with a Sunnydale flavor is just around the corner. It's keen to watch the sky vigilantly, but the day it happens you won't be expecting it, consciously and sub-consciously. It will be unexpected, like getting socks at Christmas!
I guess what I meant to say was that the main crux of S7 was the story between Spike and Buffy and their influence on each other. Buffy beleived in Spike and furthered his journey to redemption. Spike beleived in Buffy and helped her stay focused , and renewed her confidence in herself and her mission. The rest of the characters didn't really seem to have much story at all, and I think their importance had played out by the end of S6. The only story left to tell IMO was that of Spike's and Buffys, but that again was no fault of Spike's was simply the story that ME went with.

As for Jame's age and his looks...he still looks great, and is much more appealing to me than any of the new crop of 'so called' heart throbs and hunks on TV today. I think a man with a little maturity and a few miles on him is pretty sexy. James could easily be leading man material if he wanted to, but I think he likes or feels more secure being a character what ever floats his boat is fine by me. I will watch him no matter what, and I'd choose him over Pitt, Cruise, Clooney and Crowe anyday......
What's the problem with him being older anyway? If you look at the actors around a lot of them are around the same age as JM. George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise. Now I'm not comparing him to them career-wise, but age-wise same difference.

And let's not forget a certain Mr William Petersen who is the lead of one of the top rated shows and is 52 years old. Hugh Laurie is 46. Age is only a label others attach to us. It is, or rather should, be irrelevant.
I'd like to refute the "[James Marsters] is at an age in Hollywood where the best he could hope for as a regular in a tv show would be as "the Dad" (not that there's anything wrong with that... but he's not going to get the leading roles)" theory.

Top 20 Network Primetime Series this week, according to, minus the reality, sports and news shows; male leads and primary co-stars only:
#1: CSI - Stars William L. Petersen, age 52, and George Eads, age 38
#2: Without a Trace - Stars Anthony LaPaglia, age 46, and Eric Close, age 38
#3: CSI Miami - Stars David Caruso, age 49, and Adam Rodriguez, age 30
#5&6: Two and A Half Men (two episodes back to back) - Stars Charlie Sheen, age 40, and Jon Cryer, age 40
#8: NCIS - Stars Mark Harmon, age 53, Michael Weatherly, age 37, and David McCallum, age 71
#10: Law and Order: Criminal Intent - Stars Vincent D'Onofrio, age 46, and Jamey Sheridan, age 54
#12 (tie): Everybody Loves Raymond - Stars Ray Romano, age 47, and Brad Garrett, age 45
#12 (tie): Law and Order: SVU - Stars Christopher Meloni, age 44, and Richard Belzer, age 61
#15 (tie): Cold Case - Male Co-stars John Finn, age 52, and Jeremy Ratchford, age 40
#15 (tie): CSI: NY - Stars Gary Sinise, age 50, and Camine Giovinazzo, age 32
#15 (tie): Law and Order - Stars Dennis Farina, age 61, and Sam Waterson, age 64
#18: Crossing Jordan - Male Co-stars: Miguel Ferrer, age 50, and Jerry O'Connell, age 31

Can I just point out that NONE of the top 20 shows have primary lead actors who are YOUNGER than 40, and only one (Charlie Sheen) is younger than James? No twenty-somethings to be seen, and even most of the thirty-somethings are less than five years younger than James. And most shows have other 40-something actors in their casts that I just didn't list (because IMDB is sloooooow and I don't have all day).

And even when you consider shows like 7th Heaven or Everwood, the "Dad" part IS the leading role...

And to refute the "...but James is known for his looks, so now that he's got a few wrinkles nobody will cast him" theory that I've seen elsewhere, may I again point out "David McCallum, age 71" above. Ever seen Man from U.N.C.L.E.? Cult TV show, McCallum was the heartthrob of the female fans. Guess what? He's still working. So it looks like James has at least a 30-year acting career in front of him. Better get used to seeing him on your television. ;-)
"Unfortunately, no, most of them don't. "

killinj- There's David, Alyson, Nick, ASH, Davalos, Daniel Dae Kim, Brigid Brannagh, C Kane, and CC is guest starring, the rest aren't in tv shows, if that's why you disagree with me but SMG, Andy Hallett, Densiof, Charisma, Emma Caulfield, J.AR, Acker, Strong, and many of the others are doing movies which is what they want to do. I'd say they are very fortunate.

Don't forget Danny Strong on Gilmore Girls :) I am personally psyched that David, Alyson, Nick, James and Charisma are all back on the screen. Last year we had James on the Mountain, Charisma on Charmed (gag, I hate that show) and Alyson on VM for a few episodes. I think this season we are getting a more vast selection of shows to watch from, with our actors playing bigger roles. I can't wait :)

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