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August 19 2005

BBC Interview with Asif Kapadia, director of SMG's "untitled supernatural thriller," formerly known as "Revolver."

It is mostly about the director himself and his previous movie "The Warrior" but it also briefly discusses the last movie as well. "It's coming together really, really well, and I'm very pleased, I'm proud of it", says Kapadia.

The above link is the transcript of the interview but you can download the videos too.

Roger Ebert, whom I respect more than any other critic (of course, that's because he agrees with me more often than not) gave "The Warrior" a very positive review. Since reading it I'm looking forward to Kapadia's SMG film much more than I ever was "The Grudge", although not as much as I am "Southland Tales". But who knows, I guess either director could succumb to the sophomore jinx. Like Kapadia, I'm also a big fan of Hitchcock's visual style of filming. I find his films infinitely re-watchable.
Aw, C'mon! Just cause after seven months they can't come up with a title for this thing, no one wants to comment on it? At the least we could debate the proper spelling of C/K/apadia!
Plenty of us are looking forward to the film, and it's nice to hear what the director has to say here (so thanks for posting the link lince). But nothing is really said that requires a comment. I'll definitely be going to see it when it comes out, due to both SMG and Asif Kapadia. I suspect they do have a title. It just hasn't been released yet. The screenings have started for this film, so release can't be in the too distant future. Maybe early next year.

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