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August 19 2005

A fan's review of Serenity: The Official Visual Companion. "An absolutely must have". And in some what very tenuously related news, Dragon*Con has announced that Nathan Fillion will not be appearing due to professional commitments.

Cheers to Gossi and HellMouth Central's Matt for the respective heads up.

This book looks phenomenal. I didn't even know it was on its way for release. Mmm.. Joss.
Simon will back up me I suspect: it's fantastically cool. They've put a lot of effort into it. It's worth the price for the joss interview alone, let alone the 'history of the 'verse' section joss has written, the story boards etc.

If you've seen the movie, it opens up the production process to show you how it went from concept to screen.
Is there an American release date yet?
1st September 2005 is the official release date, however books tend to ship in a 14 day window. It's reduced to $13.57 on and at that price - trust me - it's an absolute steal.

Fun facts from the book: In the 'verse, Joss has made a planet called Deadwood. And yes, he watches Deadwood, too. I'm taking this to Edinburgh but there's no way in the 'verse it's leaving my sight.
Thanks, gossi.
...and Dragon Con still has Joss listed as coming. What is going on with that? The whole Dragon Con/Joss thing seems so, just plain weird.
gossi! You've just answered a long-held question of mine! I've been dying to know if Joss watches Deadwood, and what he thinks of it! Does it say what his opinion of the show is? I would guess it must be positive, if he named a planet after it!
It doesn't explicitly say what he thinks of it (I think - it's a looong book), but he first mentions Deadwood when he's talking about Inara. Apparently his original vision of Inara was just a whore, Deadwood style, but his wife chipped in more of a geshia type deal. (Sorry if I've misquoted you here, Joss).
I see, thanks gossi.

Man, I really have to get this book, don't I? Don't we all?
For me, one of the most revealing parts of the book is Joss saying that the plot of the movie (had Firefly continued) would have taken two years to develop.
The thing that makes the book great is that it's got joss all over it - as in, the introduction is joss (and it's funny), the interview is with joss (and it's funny), the production notes are from joss (and they're funny) and random notes in the book are from joss (and they're funny).

Almost a pattern, one may suspect.
And here's another fan review that was linked to recently on the flickr page, but which some of you might have missed. Read it - it's a real treasure trove of humor.

(Sorry Simon, couldn't resist).
Simon's review is better. I have to admit, I'm utterly shit at reviewing things.
Wow, this book looks very interesting indeed...I've ordered three, one for us, and the others for looks fantastic indeed.
Beg to diff, gossi. Your review was just fine. With a non-fiction book of this nature, it's hard to see how else to review it other than (a) "this is what you get"; and/or (b) "this is what you get, and now I'm going to show you, the humble reader, how much I know about everything conceivably connected to this subject." You wisely steered clear of (b), for which I thank you. :)
But I want it *now*. /Veruca Salt

I'm really excited about the book. I was kind of excited about it before, but after reading Kevin's review and looking at the pictures, I have a great urge to CONSUME.

I should probably get a new job before I do that, though.
It sounds extremely shiny, I suspect I will preorder it and avoid reading it until I've seen Serenity.

I'm glad that there will be some real canon info on the 'verse and the different planets and stuff.
OMG, I can't believe people are still debating the whole 'Joss/DragonCon' thing over there. I mean, people are actually saying that someone hacked Joss' account here AND at browncoats to stir up trouble by saying he's not going. I don't know what else Joss has to do...record a live message stating he's not going???
Maybe he needs to do and infomercial. ;)
Rogue Slayer, some people are just stubborn.

Joss, Jane, Fury: Spike indeed wanted his soul back.

fans: No he didn't! We don't care if you did write it, Fury.

I can't wait to get this book. Your review made me even more excited Gossi. I'm not sure when I should read it though. I've already seen the movie but I want to take in all this new stuff(the last comic, the opening U.S. release day, the novelization, and this companion) all in very slowly.

[ edited by eddy on 2005-08-19 20:33 ]
As far as I know, no one has contacted DragonCon personally to say he's not going. And DragonCon appears to have confirmed it with someone at Uni.

I had this problem with the Kerry fundraiser. All my info came from Joss' assistant. Some otehr fans were getting all their info from the Kerry camp.

So anytime I posted news (by request from Joss' side of things), I was called out as a liar.

I understand being caught up in the middle. Sucks.

Mostly, all Dragon Con needs to do is call Joss' assistant for confirmation either way, and it's settled.
(Sorry Simon, couldn't resist).

Heh. Well at least everyone now knows my favourite ever 'ship. DOCTOR AND ROSE 4 EVA!!

I now return you to normal Whedonesque service.
Wait, wait, wait. Nathan is not going to be at D*C, hmmm, work commitments, my backside. I think he found out about the whole Joss tattooing thing and got scared. :)

No Joss, no Summer, and now no Nathan at D*C. :P

Well there is always the Flanvention in December.
I've had this pre-ordered for awhile now and can't wait to get it even though I won't be able to look at it until I see the movie!! Why am I torturing myself?!!
I've already pre-ordered mine, hopefully it will arrive here in time for my birthday. That would very joyfull.
looks very shiny indeed, I've preordered and I can't wait! :)

BTW, how is the Serenity magazine different from this? (Also, where can I buy that? It's not on Amazon)
AnotherFireflyfan try purchasing the magazine from Titan Magazine's official website. Here's a direct link about the magazine.
Advanced warning: don't flip through the book if you get it before the movie is out. Big big spoiler images.
I can't wait to get my hands on this book. :)
Rena Owen (Dinza on Angel) has pulled out of Dragon*Con too.... sadly the 'Verse connection is dwindling!

At least Mercedes McNab and Adam Baldwin are still going to be there...
I would have thought Adam will pull out soon as well to be honest.

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