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August 19 2005

Serenity cast signing in Edinburgh. There will be a signing by the cast at HMV Princes Street in Edinburgh on Wednesday August 24th from 1pm to 2pm(ish) (reg req).

Having experienced an Amber Benson signing in Belfast, it's best to get there early (in this case maybe 2 or 3 three hours before hand but that's just my opinion).

And fans should be aware that the cast may only be signing official merchandise i.e. a Firefly DVD boxset.

(Drat, bugmenot failed me this time - just wanted to take a peek.)

I'm envious of you lucky, lucky flans who will be there!
Think you mean Princes Street.
Good point, and to think my parents are Scottish *blushes*.
One hour? One hour?

Oh dear dear me...
We got word that HMV reckon that 200-250 fans will get seen on a first come first served basis. The DVD boxset will be available to buy but they won't kick up a fuss if you bring your own. But I think the boxset may be on sale there for a tenner anyhow, can some one confirm that?

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