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August 19 2005

(SPOILER) Screenwriter Carl Ellsworth's Red Eye premieres today! Carl Ellsworth was the writer responsible for some of episode 2.06 "Halloween".

And Wes Craven directed this film.

Saw this at a preview earlier this week -- it was actually a lot of fun.
(Can't help it) "We're the Red Eyes, so everybody freeze!"

OK, back to reality. For some reason, I've failed to link up the reviews and info I've been reading about this movie and about Cillian Murphy (whom I've liked a lot in both 28 Days Later and Batman Begins) with Carl Ellsworth. Good connection. Although I seem to recall one of our members posting convincingly to the effect that CE wasn't ultimately responsible for much of "Halloween," and that it was extensively rewritten by Joss . . .

(ETA): Other recent threads about Mr. Ellsworth, "Halloween," and "Red Eye" can be found here and here.
Oh that's right, SNT. I remember that now. I've edited the title somewhat.
This actually always reminds me of a mini-comic in the original run of The Tick, about a creature called "The Red Eye" who appeared as a hitchiker on the Deerstown-Hobelville highway. When the Tick and Arthur moved to New York, they actually picked the Red Eye up. The Tick combated his mesmeric ability by shouting random things at him like the average annual rainfall of Nairobi Kenya and offering him "Wet-Ones".
This is slightly off topic, so I'll be brief, but has anyone actually seen Cleopatra 2525? I noticed there was a comment about it in one of the topics SNT linked to, and I know Gina Torres was in it, but to me it looks kind of Charmed-ish. Is is bad?
Actually, I enjoyed Cleopatra 2525. Unfortunately it didn't last too long, but it was sort of like watching Xena or Hercules, except many, many years into the future.
Allow me to say, Cleopatra 2525 was really bad.

Red Eye isn't garnering too many positive reviews itself. I might see it this weekend, if time permits.
I got the impression that Cleopatra 2525 was deliberately bad in an attempt to be campy. However, Gina, Jennifer Sky, and Victoria Pratt were all lovely and charming enough to make it bearable--if one likes looking at beautiful women trying to breathe life into atrocious dialogue. If I recall correctly, Jennifer Sky played a stripper from now who was somehow sent far in the future where she has to adjust to the changes and help save humanity-- Because the Future is Worth Fighting For!

Am looking forward to seeing Red Eye mnyself.
Actually, "Red Eye" is doing very respectably indeed in the critical sweepstakes (about 83% positive or "fresh" on the Rotten Tomatoes tomatometer last time I checked). Basically, this weekend looks to be a battle between it and Steve Carrell's VERY well reviewed movie debut, "The 40 Year Old Virgin." I wouldn't be surprised if both of these story-driven, lowish-budget non-superstar vehicles did very well, especially as "Virgin" is R-rated, they can kind of split the weekend. There's a real desire out there for a half-way decent stories not dependent on explosions.
I enjoyed the trailer to this. Sort of a romantic comedy meets horror. I'll be seeing this.

[ edited by Apocalypse on 2005-08-19 23:37 ]
It's supposedly more a classic Hitchcockian suspenser.
The trailer is good. But don't you get afraid of those movies, where they already showed you in the trailer every good scene there's in the movie, or every funny scene in a comedy movie.

I've read an positive review, and like 5 negative reviews.
I'll check it out, I've seen some bad movies this year, and if it's that bad, it'll just join that small list of bad movies. hopéfully it'll turn out better than I'm expecting.
I saw Red Eye. I liked it a lot. It got a bit dumb at the end, but otherwise was good. A couple of Whedon-style jokes, too.
I just got back from seeing Red Eye, too. I also enjoyed it very much. Definitely worth the money and very suspenseful, fun, and there were Whedon-style jokes. I also didn't enjoy the ending too much either but it'll do.
re: Whedon-style jokes:

"Dude, there goes your pen."
The highlight of the entire movie was a behind the scenes short on 'Serenity'. It had some interview bits from Joss and some footage from making the film. It was really cool and I was wearing my "Joss Whedon Is My Master Now" shirt so I felt special. Sadly I was the only one clapping afterwards though. But Universal seems to be advertising the hell out of this movie, wich is good.

As for 'Red Eye'... ehhh... i was not impressed. Cillian Murphy rocked as always but thats about it. I was rooting for him the whole movie.
I saw the trailer for 'Red Eye' before 'Land of the Dead' earlier this week. I thought it looked very good so I will check it out next week. I didn't realise Carl Ellsworth was involved though - I just saw "... Craven" and that was enough for me!

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