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August 19 2005

BtVS DVD Collector's Set (R1) Now on Sale at Amazon. For the really low price of $139.99, with an SRP of 199.98.

This is much lower than expected...and it comes with free shipping, of course. Can't wait to see what it looks like!

(ETA) Expected release date is November 15, 2005.

Very interesting. I only have the first two seasons so far, and this is still cheaper than the remaining five sets put together. Actually, that price is amazing when you consider that you can't even get TWO seasons of most shows for that. And here you get all seven!

Is there an extra disc of special features? Because 3+6*6 = 39. The page says there are 40 discs. hmm...

Also, I hope that there is newer and improved packaging. The one thing I hate about the Buffy sets is their fold-out design which makes it very difficult to access discs without a very long table or surface to roll it out on.
I've been Netflicking Buffy and Angel. I just finished Buffy S7 and am on Angel S5, but I will be buying this set for sure! :)Can't beat the price.
I agree, AnotherFireflyFan, I don't like the physical setup of the American dvds. That's one thing the Euro versions had over them, they had little sleeves you could turn like pages(though that had it's own trouble of being difficult to pull out on occasion...) But yeah, anytime we want to watch them, we have to set them on the ground to get the disc we want!
This is goooood.
Is the R1 version any different (censured, for instance)? I'd rather get a R2 box set, but in case they don't make it...
Not to mention sometimes some of the discs become loose. The whole design is just a pain. I think the best DVD set case is Babylon 5, where it is like a book. Easy to access any disc any time.

Hope this set is similar to the R2 version. (And while I'm griping, I also detest DVD region encoding. It's really not fair limiting what we can watch based on where we live. And sometimes certain regions get better editions of things.)

PS - I never realized Netflix could be used as a verb ;-P
"PS - I never realized Netflix could be used as a verb ;-P"

Neither did I until I did it. Maybe it'll catch on!

But would it be "netflicking" or "netflixing"... hmm...
If you're buying this to replace your existing Buffy DVDs, please donate the ones you're replacing to your local library or some other organization that could use them.

Speaking of which (shameless plug) the Whedonverse Multimedia Project is close to being able to get a complete set of Buffy, Angel and Firefly out to the Horicon Public Library, but we're still a few donations shy. Also, our raffle for human-faced Sideshow Spike action figure ends at mid-night Eastern Time on August 22nd.
SpookyRiverFan and I are in the same boat! I am just finishing Buffy S7 thanks to netflix (which can indeed be used as a verb!). I am so excited about this set!

As ANGEL was my first love of the Buffyverse, I have all 5 seasons and I curse the fold out design as well! As Rogue Slayer mentioned, I too am often seen crouched on the floor over my folded out Angel DVD's trying to locate the disk that I want, and since they are so frequently used, some of them don't even "stick" in their places very well, making for slipping and sliding all over the place. I hope this design is a little more daily-user-friendly...
This is a very good deal! If you buy Buffy The Complete Series from Amazon it's $240.
What's with the 40th disc!? Maybe its the campy original movie from 1993? ;)
RIPWesley, not even.

The 40th disc is a BRAND NEW bonus disc with a BRAND NEW documentary featuring BRAND NEW interviews with Joss and co. Mmm...
or 1992, man it's been so long even I can't remember. I just remember watching it when I was in elementary school, ha!
really TheZeppo? How'd you learn that?? I want to see the link to that announcment, please do post!!
Sorry, I don't have time to find a direct link, but go to or and check the recent archives. =)
Thx TheZeppo :D
It was discussed a week or two ago here at Whedonesque, and the info about the extra disk can be found on tvshowsondvd or check this Whedonesque thread.

[Edit to fix formerly bad-luck, but now good-luck linky things . . .:)]

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I wonder if the new documentary is this one I saw on the biography channel while I was in Hawaii a couple of weeks ago. I know its lame to watch TV while vacationing in Hawaii during Summer, but for that Biography Buffy Documentary - I sort of have to, I mean - how can you not!? It was a good documentary though, kind of similar to the one found on Buffy S7 Set, but I don't think its the same one, or at least it didn't seem the same when I watched it while in Hawaii...
Thanks too SaltyGoodness, checking it out right now
I seem to remember watching the A&E Buffy documentary on the UK satellite channel Sky One after Chosen aired. Except it has a British voice-over for no apparent reason.
Haha, that sounds awesome Simon! How'd the British voice-over stack up, better? 'bout the same? Anyways, is it too early to start hoping for the Angel Complete Series Box Set...? Maybe in another year I guess. Anyhoo, killnj, will most library's take Buffy sets? I'd be into donating mine to my college's library and getting some fellow beavers (our school mascot) hooked! Once this box set comes out and is in my posession of course, first things first.
The A&E Biography Buffy thing was on the Season Six set.

And Netflix was verbed long long ago.
RIPWesley - it varies from library to library, since not all libraries even have a multimedia section where people can check out dvds and some just have wonky policies regarding donated materials from individuals, so you will have to ask the library if they will accept the donation. I've yet to run across a library that has refused a Buffy set though. The librarians I've talked to were overjoyed to learn we'd give them a set.
Why all the donation talk? Is there something wrong and immoral about hocking the dvd sets on ebay?
Why all the donation talk? Is there something wrong and immoral about hocking the dvd sets on ebay

No, nothing wrong with that at all. Donating is just a nice thing to do! :)

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I considering seriously on getting this. I only own the first season, and the brazilian box, is kind of ugly.

so i twould be cool to own a complete box.
I must say that seeing the "Customers who bought this also bought..." category made me smile. Third on that list, after Angel and Wonderfalls, is the Friends - The One With All Ten Seasons.

Suddenly, I feel less alone in the world. I am not the only one. I feel no need to own Friends, but it's nice to see confirmation that I am not the only freak that loved both Buffy and Friends.

Feel free to snark on Friends, SNT. I can handle it. :)
> Can't wait to see what it looks like!

Apparently, it looks like this.
Not necessarily, that's the R2 set that was released a couple of years ago.
This is a great price. I already own all the sets, of course, but it would make a wonderful gift. Spreading the Buffy cheer.

About the fold out region one DVD packaging. I read an interesting article on that very subject recently. The retailers have complained to the DVD manufacturers about the phyical size of the packaging. With TV series being released at an ever increasing rate, they're running out of space on their selves. As a result, they are forced to return unsold stock earlier than normal which is hurting both of them in sales. I suspect we will start seeing more compact packaging soon. I think they should go with the region two 'book style' which is only half the width of the fold out style. Of course, this will be a thing of the past once blu-ray or HD-DVD takes over the market. Just think, an entire season of Buffy on one disc.
Does anyone know if Amazon charges you when you place the order or when the order is shipped? I thought they didn't charge you until it was shipped, but now I can't find it on any of their pages, and I'm wondering if they changed their policy since I last bought something.
LittleMiss730, I believe for pre-orders you are charged when it's ready to ship. At least, I hope so - otherwise, my whole buying luxury box sets on credit thing will implode in my face . . . And I'm very excited about this set.
<AmazonFace> Yes, this is right. For ANY order, your credit card does not get charged until the product is shipped.</AmazonFace>

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