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August 19 2005

Amy Acker Production Bust - "a lifesize polyfoam bust made from an actual cast of Amy Acker's face." Used to test make-up for Illyria.

I know this is an Ebay auction but it was really unusual (and uber creepy!!) so I thought I'd post it!

The lips freak me out.
That is so creepy. I fear the person who buys this.
This would be a great start to my Fred-Bot.... um.... did I say that out loud? ;)
Okay, that's just creepy...
Creepy because Fred is dead or creepy because it's a robot?
Or you could buy this for only $3000.

While whiling away time at work, 'cos I'd never actually do any work, I suggested to my boss that he buy this to wear for those "difficult" meetings.
I quite like a scary way.
Between this and the Aerial ambulance someone can start a sweet Whedonverse museum.
That is just to realistic...I wonder what Amy thinks of that. lol.

That monster costume thing is awesome though. I would set it up in October to scare children, and in general all people. hehe.

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The monster costume thing is so cool! It would be great to have a Whedonesque Museum with all things Joss in it!!
Amy Acker is Bar none one of the prettiest women working... but that would just creep me out. I can't imagine having that thing in my home. I'd keep expecting it to open it's eyes and start talking.
It's the Uncanny Valley Effect at work: we find it creepy precisely because it's so life-like.
I know it's been said before, but......CREEPY!
I would so invest in the monster costume with friends...then have one of them dress up in it and run around campus scaring the crap out of people. hehe.
Yep, that is one scary monster costume, there. And also: creepy face-cast, yes. I'm a huge Amy Acker fan, but owning that'd just freak me out beyond reason. I do kinda wonder what the new owner's gonna do with it. Display it somewhere to wig out guests?
Yeah, GVH, what the hell do you do with this thing?

Maybe I don't want to know!
unreality - very precisely said. It is just too close but yet inert, dead but yet lifelike yet ...

To quote a phrase:
X:Can I just say Gyughhh!
B:I see your 'Gyughhh!' and raise you a Nyaghhh!

Definitely worth a Nyaghhh!
That is just to realistic...I wonder what Amy thinks of that. lol.

Well, if she didn't like it, she could've just agreed to test out the make-up on her own face. But I guess she felt like too much of a star for that.
Not to start anything, but are you implying that Amy might be one of those Divas and that is the reasoning behind this?
But I guess she felt like too much of a star for that.

I'd very much appreciate it if we didn't go in this direction.
I very much doubt AA would do anything like that. For one, getting this cast made is a very unpleasant experience in the first place and secondly, the testing of makeup and SFX takes days if not weeks so no way could they have spared AA from shooting. The effects people would have insisted on it. Every actor who ever had a face effect has had such a cast made. Brian Thompson was, I believe, cast as The Judge mainly because they already had his cast to work from and they needed him in a hurry.
That demon costume is amazing. I think they spelt the demon's name incorrectly, it's supposed to be a Suvolte demon.

I think I can remember seeing a lot of demon costumes and stuff from Buffy on sale somewhere, and there was one the same as this. I think it's sort of a shame that all this stuff gets auctioned off. It's very cool, and I think it would be amazing if it could all be put in a museum or something, as opposed to being sold to the highest bidder. In some cases it might be a real fan who benefits from it, but this is probably not always the case, and few fans can afford to buy something so expensive. If they had been kept and put in a Whedon museum then at least everyone could see them.

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