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August 19 2005

Happy Birthday to James Marsters. Our favorite bleached blond soulful vampire, celebrates his 43rd birthday today.

YAY!! My favorite actor! Hope he has a great birthday and a great 43rd year.

And he still looks great for his age.
Happy Birthday, James. May this be the best year yet.
Happy Birthday James!
Absolutely...James...have a wonderful birthday and many...many...many more.
To James, the talented, intelligent and handsome actor, happy birthday!!! I'm betting this year will be a great one!
Heck, he looks great for any age..just though I'd say that.
Happy Birthday James!!
I wish you a great, long and very productive career.
James is going to be 50 soon. :)
Happy Birthday, James!
James is going to be 50 soon. :)

Let's not rush things, Christopher...

Happy Birthday, James!

(I showed my sister-in-law a picture of James with me and my kids recently (take last year). She had never heard of him, but her first reaction is "WOW! He's very HANDSOME!")
A very happy and rawkin' birthday to you, James!
Happy Birthday to a fine actor!
Happy Birthday, to the very wonderful and talented James !
Aww. He's on the front page of the IMDB too. Happy Birthday James.
Happy birthday.
And I think it's time to change the publicity photo on IMDB: an unbleached one, maybe? ;)

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Happy Birthday Jimmy boy!
Happy Birthday James! Ypu rock and I cant wait to see your concert in October!
Happy Birthday James. Have a great year.
Happy Birthday, Let's make out!
Happy birthday to James. It's really amazing how young he looks.
Happy birthday to James, a wonderful, talented, smart and funny man. Hope it's only the start of a terrific year. :0)
Grattis pa fodelsedagen!
Wishing the divine Mr Marsters a great day and a great year.

Interestingly enough not only is James front page on IMDB today but the google alerts concerning his birthday are starting to refer to him as James Marsters: Actor (Buffy The Vampire Slayer,Smallville) 43

And his role in Smallville hasn't even started showing yet :)
Happy birthday to a talented actor and more importantly, a good person.
Happy birthday to my favorite, handsome, very talented, wonderful actor! Much love! :)

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