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"I had to dismember that guy with a trowel."
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January 31 2003

(SPOILER) Watch with Kristin. More spinoff info. The frontrunner is named and the proposed star is unsure. Meetings held with ME. Some Buffy regulars want to be on a spinoff, but one isn't so sure.

"Keeping the Faith: That's apparently what the producers of Buffy are hoping to do, as they have approached Eliza Dushku (aka baddie-turned-goodie Faith) about the possibility of doing a spinoff next fall. Mutant Enemy sources tell me Dushku met with Buffy producers on Wednesday to discuss a Faith show."
(More at eonline)

Kristin is Wanda? Wanda is Kristin? Ben is Glory? I'm confused. Who is Kristin?
Wanda's picture is still featured, but Kristin has taken over. The link has some info on the change, but I don't quite get it either. A coup d'egossip?
I just checked again. She explains in a linked column that Wanda was her pen name. Kristin is her real name, and it is the name she will be using for her column now.
Kristin is Wanda's REAL name...she outted herself before the Christmas holidays. I'd have kept the nom de plume, if were her, but obviously, I'm not----Now what is this? Ben is Glory? Glory is Ben? ;)
New quote for the archives: 'Nope, don't care. I'll be a janitor!'

Love Nick Brendon, but he deserves more than another role as Mr. Fix-It. Give that man a cape!
Thanks, love that phrase 'coup de gossip' :)
U2prince, good post. I removed most of the article, we don't want to infringe on copyright too much. :-)
I've been waiting until I got Wanda-like celebrity status before I admitted to the world that I'm really the Walrus-- Whoops! The cat's outta the bag now!

Xander the Toilet Cleaner I'd tune in to see that - who wouldn't?
First off, EEEE!! Secondly, I know I'd watch anything that ME puts out, because I'm obsessed like that.

And I knew being an Eliza fan for 9 years would pay off. :claps:

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